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Friday, October 17, 2008

Kings of fools :Bajrang dal in Indore

I saw this picture a few days back in naidunia and today it appeared in Outlook online addition. Some points :

1. Do these media house dare to publish similar photos of terrorist with a background of Koran and two swords or Kaba? then why Hindu symbols?
Because they can't even go near Muslim demonstrations leave alone taking a photograph.

2. First of all the local journalist who did this mischief should be thrashed.

Secondly you can see in picture what kind of "strongmen" they are. This is the problem of Bajrang Dal.They want to protect Hindus with these weaklings.
This photo gives them bad publicity as well exposes their weak strength.
How could local leaders (????) allow such photo to be taken.

A wise man said it is better to have clever enemy than foolish friends.
Hindu society has self proclaimed friends in "Bajrang Dal"

sigh sigh sigh

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