with love to indore

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indore Municipal corporation & IDA

1. A single person IDA CEO since long
2. IDA simply not interested in making low cost housing
3. IPS daughter of a retired IAS, ex VC of university, MP gets plot in quota of SC people. Such a mockery of reservation rules meant for benefit of SC people
4.almost all councillors or their relatives are road contractors.it is such a cosy arrangement.
5.Indore's local govt has fetish for paver blocks. all roads & footpaths being laid with it to make money in construction
6. huge violation of environmental norms close to 20-13% area of zoo, gardens in indore full of cement,blocks & construction
7. no way to track attendance of sanitation staff.all cleaning staff gives money to politicians/officials & rampant absenteeism
8.no enquiry yet into death of white tiger cubs after family of mayor given access to them before even their mother flouting all norms
9. Rebate in property tax being used to benefit dishonest tax payers as permanent measure
10. tax inspectors of Indore municipal corporation making crores by simply winking at tax evasion
11. building inspectors again making moolah by not reporting on constructions flouting municipal rules
12. huge number of trees being cut & no new plantation
13. a cabal of 10-12 officers working since last 15 years. all would have become multimillionairs by now

Monday, November 3, 2014

5 things which shaped MP Histroy

A good article one must say

The state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) was formed on November 1st, 1956 and completes 58 years of its existence this week. Despite being the largest state in the country for 44 years, until Chhatisgarh was carved out, the visible connection of Madhya Pradesh with national politics and general discourse has been limited. Only in the last decade, the state has been increasingly talked about at the national level, primarily driven by rapid economic growth – most of which comes from the strides made in the agricultural sector.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hospital in PPP mode

The recent PMTscam in MP, corruption in MCI & continued migration of medical students to abroad for MBBS points to yawning demand supply gap between availaibiltiy of medical seats & demand

Private sector has been allowed in but due to requirement of having a hospital & trained doctors to teach, not many colleges have been openend. On the other hand government is short of funds to invest in opening new colleges

Existing government hospitals( which see large number of in &out patinets & have huge land bank, not to mention qualified medical practitioner on roll) can be converted to medical colleges in a PPP mode.
An indicative plan is thus

1. Building - existing hospital building to be used, if needed one block/floor can be added as class rooms
2. Faculty - Government doctors already on roll.Private partner can employ more doctors ( which will be paidby him) government doctors also to be paid by private party for teaching duties they undertake. Private doctors will have to attend patients as & when need be. Modalities for sharing of these doctors can be worked upon.
3. Hospital Infra- existing infra to be used. To upgrade it upto MCI standards, private party to make fixed investment. This will be fixed componenet of bid
4. Hostel - If land available with hospital to be used for construction of hostel to be done by private party. Else government to allot pvt party land on which it will build hostel. Hostel to be run on no profit /no loss basis where students given admission on government seat to be charged reasonable tarriff
5. Medical seats - Half of theseats to be filled in by government entrance exam and to be priced like any other government medical college. Other half to be management quota seats , which private party will be allowed to fill as per government norm prevalent for management quota seats
6. Equipments & consumables - Equipment& consumables required for medical education to be bought by private party.

In Indore district alone Jila aspatal situated on dhar road & Madhya bharat hospital in Mhow can be easily converted to medical colleges in this PPP mode.