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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

indore zoo

recently visited indore zoo after a long time (some 20 years ) and was kind of taken aback at its condition...

instead of a zoo it looks like a concrete jungle

enclosures instead of being made of wood and being given a natural look are made of cement and iron and walking path instead of being a walk amidst nature are stroll on a paved road and that too , far too wide in many areas instead of being just the little path it should be

clearly keeping Indore zoo under IMC has not been a great success.
It has been turned into a private safari of IMC Councillors

staff brings vehicles right inside zoo and parks them at will
dogs eat away animals and doctors are unable to detect diseases in animals till they turn blind

there are encroachments outside zoo while for parking there is a proper mafia...

it would be much better if this is run by zoo authority of india or by a board of directors of animal lovers and past administrators

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