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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Number of shops in Indore - 4117

does that sound ridiculously low?

not to Indore municipal corporation

look at this list

the same site list number of houses as more than 3 lakhs and number of water connections as more than a lakh but number of shops as only 4000.

There are some prominent markets of city which have shops in single digit


gopal mandir - huge hosiery market near rajbada - 20 shops only
jawahar marg - there are 8-10 entries of markets total shops are close to 25
malhar ganj market - 14 shops
old palasi - there are 3-4 market total 40 odd shops
siaganj - 2 shops
56 dukan - 1
martand chowk - 1

there are many multiple entries due to entry being in hindi and english or differnet spellings...

this is the status of IMC, how can they be expected to collect money when database itself is wrong

it means all officials in revenue department are making huge money which is nothing but a tax loss to city

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