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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Business and service ideas for Indore

Delhi is having MCD elections and people are coming with all sorts of fantastic proposals. I thought why not jot down my thoughts on what can be done in Indore (realistically) to change things economically, socially and culturally...

1. Reserve half posts of driver, conductors in buses, auto rickshaw drivers, mall attendants, security guards and petrol pump attendants for women
Benefit : Better , efficient, courteous labor force with less absenteeism, low cost. Crimes will reduce and general law and order will improve apart from empowerment of women.
Inducement : Municipality could give exemption in property tax to such places

2. a portal "indore roads" - it should have
- maps with 1 mtr resolution of all of indore
- should have database on raod coordinates, width, start, end, construction history, address and name of contractor and approving enginer
- a citizen forum where they can submit info about cracks/ potholes in roads on real time basis which are to be acted upon
- another forum where citizens can give advice on which area needs new roads etc
- a forum for retired officials and contractors to give suggestions and voice their grievances
- all bills of contractors and drawings by engineers to be uploaded ( to make portal light these would be e mailed on getting a request from a user)
- citizen can upload pics of roads to buttress their points
- authorities need to share their plans for road construction for at least next 3 years so that issues such as one department coming and digging road after other has made it does not happen
- a call center for logging citizen complains regarding roads
-Involve students of engineering and management for maintaining database. Tie up with universities and schools to count hours worked towards this for their internal assessment

3. Instead of trucks of single agency going all the way to trenching ground. Create four trenching grounds in different parts of city and four collection centers. Give contracts ward wise ( to create an element of comparison and competition) to different vendors for picking up solid waste.
All ward committees ( comprising of Councillor, ex Councillor, ex MLA MP living in area, govt college principals living in area ) can award contract as per their need under constraints set by municipal council and can decide on rates, segregation ad frequency
Zonal offices which do not do any work otherwise will provide support for this to wards under them
All vehicles to be fitted with GPS and IMC not to procure any vehicles but their rental to be built up in cost of contract.
Evaluation by people of the ward at year end to decide to continue with the same vendor or change

4. for street lights - compliance in paying property tax and electricity bill to be guiding parameter.
A portal and call center for same to resolve all complainants within 24 hours
USE of CFL to earn carbon credits
Market associations can be asked to sponsor extra lights if they want in their area
engineering students and professionals of city and companies like this can be asked to develop intelligent solutions for need based stree lights

5. traffic police to be brought under city government from state and vehicle license renewal fee collection and use to be assigned to it to maintain traffic police.
All roadside "fine levying" to be stopped. Only vehicle numbers to be noted /pic taken with hand held device and vehicle owner to come to traffic station later or pay up online.
a helpline for same where people can choose slot as per their convenience but before a due date
cameras at all thoroughfares (with the help of local traders) and their feeds (traffic related) fed into a portal on realtime basis and accessible ot FM radio channels
Schools to act stridently against underage driving
for minor driving violations community service ranging from 10 to 100 hours - work in govt office, school, library, orphanage etc.
As this is more a community initiative all students of humanities, BA , BCom to be made part of this and paid a honorarium out of fines collected


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