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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Size of Indore real estate market

by news reports registrar offices closed year with 750 crore collection.
This would be a mix of rates even if assume higher rate of 10% - it comes to 7500 crore

Assuming white and black to be 1:1 - 15000 crore

and there is at least 30% on power of attorney, and other means where registry is avoided , then easily 20,000 crore annual market

and here we are excluding ares falling in jurisdiction of Mhow registrar or further dewas and dhar

Also key price indicators like iit, infosys, tcs , first integrated townships, railway station in rau etc are yet to materialize....


  1. Size of real estate market in Indore is really very great. And in future many new projects are going to expand it more.

  2. Indore is really grooming in the business of real estate. And it is providing homes to millions at an affordable costs. And in future many people can make profit by investing in real estate.

  3. This is really shocking. I am thankful to you for this knowledge of the Indore related stuff. Sincere thanks for updating me about my city.

  4. In above comment i agree with indor real estate comment.
    Project in Indore