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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rail budget 2012 and Indore

This rail budget has proved that an impartial man can deliver goods.
Not only on macro level but even in starting new trains/projects Mr Dinesh Trivedi has kept a balance

For Indore this is better than 2010 and 2011 budgets

Luckily no train to Bihar from Indore...
First a death nail to private bus operators and taxis who fleece passengers is the daily AC train between Indore Bhopal
A weekly train between Indore Yeshwantput - hopefully its frequency is increased soon

Other news of interest to Indore and MP are
Manmad Indore via Malegaon and Dhule to be sent to Planning commission
Khandwa-Dhar via Khargone,Badwani to be sent to planning commission

• Godhra Dahod Indore Devas survey
• Indoe betul survey
• Indore Jabalpur survey

New trains
• Jabalpur-Singrauli Intercity Express (Daily) via New Katni Jn.
•Indore-Rewa Express ( Tri-weekly) via Bina

• Chota Udaipur – alirajpur line to be completed this year
• Ratlam fatehabad gauge conversion to be completed next year
• Itarsi budhni and barkhera habibganj 3rd line sanctioned
• Survey for Gwalior guna maksi doubling
• Maksi Vijaypur and Guna Gwalior electrification next year

A note on double speak of Shivraj Government -

Out of 31 projects with state cooperation – MP government is not cooperating in single project

Burhanpur, Damoh, Khandwa and Ujjain to be made Adarsh station

Trains passing through MP
Bina-Bhopal MEMU service in lieu of conventional services.

Running of independent Passenger trains between Rewa-Bilaspur & Rewa-Chirmiri by delinking from 51751/51752 Rewa-Bilaspur Passenger &51753/51754 Rewa-Chirmiri Passenger

Jhansi-Tikamgarh Passenger via Lalitpur

Kamakhya-Lokmanya Tilak (T) AC Express (Weekly) via Katihar, Mughalsarai, Itarsi

Bikaner-Puri Express (Weekly) via Jaipur,Kota,Katni Murwara, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur

Jaipur-Secunderabad Express (Weekly) via Nagda, Bhopal, Narkher, Amravati, Akola

Jhansi-Mumbai Express (Weekly) via Gwalior, Maksi, Nagda

Running of independent train between Jabalpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin by delinking from 12405/12406 Bhusawal- Hazrat Nizamuddin and 12409/12410 Raigarh-Nizamuddin Gondwana Express

Hyderabad-Ajmer Express (Weekly)via Manmad, Itarsi, Ratlam

Shalimar-Bhuj Express (Weekly) via Bilaspur, Katni, Bhopal

Santragachi-Ajmer Express (Weekly) via Kharagpur, Chandil, Barkakana, Katni, Kota


  1. Indore-Rewa Express ( Tri-weekly) via Bina
    Thois train route is run between maksi to ujjain and indore not to maksi to dewas because 40,000 people belong to rewa and his live in ujjain .so 40,000 people want to this train route is going to ujjain. if our request is not accepted than we canot give the vote ujjain m.p. prem chandra gudu.

  2. indore-rewa express
    why this train not go via itarsi , from rewa we already have train for bina but we didn't have any train for itarsi , itarsi is a biggest junction many ppl want to catch trains from itarsi ,

  3. Thing being gud that train is starting from INDORE to REWA .But its on same days as SHIPRA EXPRESS is and timings are also not so well.Pls change days or atleast timings ,otherwise railways will only say that people dont tarvel on this route.For profit days n timings shud be checked.

  4. Thing being gud that train is starting from INDORE to REWA .But its on same days as SHIPRA EXPRESS is and timings are also not so well.Pls change days or atleast timings ,otherwise railways will only say that people dont tarvel on this route.For profit days n timings shud be checked.

  5. we want start this train quickly because we want to travel in this.................

  6. Madhya Pradesh is the most backward State from railway points of view as compared to the other states of the country. And also Malwa- Nimar (Indore-Ujjain Khandwa-Khargoan-Barwani-Dewas-Jhabua-Dhar Districs) most-most-most backward area in Madhaypradesh.

    India Railway start recently Train between Ajmer to Hyderabad I am read rout chart as per rout chart B.G. LINE Ratlam to Khandwa Distance 555 K.M. and also read Ratlam to Akola M.G. rout chart distance between Ratlam To Khandwa 258 K.M. DIFFREENCE B.G. and M.G. line rout 297 K.M. it is not a small rout difference it is a big rout difference. If gauge conversion complete by railway as early as possible distance short from NORTH TO SOUTH 297 K.M. but as present railway ministry not sanction proper amount in last 5 budgets. I think railway ministry neglected this section work. Pleas explain what is the reason for delay and very slow development of this project?

    Hon’ble sir I requested to you please sanction lot of amount for this project and gate fast work for gauge conversion work for this rout.


    Regarding this project I requested to you please at present you are start gauge conversion work between Ratlam to Fatehabad thanks to you and your all staff members further request to please also start work of Gauge conversion project Fatehabad To Mhow and Mhow to Khandwa and also Fatehabad to Kshipra Bridge Ujjain UNDER RATLAM-AKOLA GAUGE CONVERSION PROJECT towards M.G. with B.G. line (This line MAKE LIFE LINE IN RATLAM-KHANDWA AND INDORE-UJJAIN SECTION.

    At time work of Dahod-Indore and Chhota Udaipur To Dhar New B.G. line project work running is very slow. As per Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singhji and UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhiji Commitment on 8Th February 2008 both are project to be completed up to march-2012 and started Train in Tribal Area. But condition of work of this project it not completed both of project up to date commitment by Prime Minister AND MRS. SONIA GANDHI. THIS IS THE DREAM PROJECT OF PRIME MINISTER MR. MANMOHAN SINGH.

    Please also requested to you proceed project of Manmad-Indore New B.G. line (This line connected Central India to Maharashtra and very short distant Indore to Mumbai and Delhi to Mumbai )

    Please also requested to you Ujjain -Indore Dabble B.G. line (at present very heavy traffic beet win Indore-Ujjain Section and oil filling station at manglia (Indore) use of this line 23-26 train Daily up-down) very difficult management done by rail employs of this section and also load increase in Indore-Ujjain BG line for the period during block of Indore-Ratlam section gauge conversion work. I requested to you please sanction Ujjain-Indore Dabble BG line project this financial year and work may be completed next financial year. Please Note INDORE IS ONLY 1 STATION IN RATLAM DIVISION GRADE A-1. BUT I THINK RAILWAY IS NIGLATED INDORE SECTION!!

    Thanking you

    119, KALANI NAGAR,
    INDORE-452005 (M.P.)
    MOB: 09993439913

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