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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Size of Indore real estate market

by news reports registrar offices closed year with 750 crore collection.
This would be a mix of rates even if assume higher rate of 10% - it comes to 7500 crore

Assuming white and black to be 1:1 - 15000 crore

and there is at least 30% on power of attorney, and other means where registry is avoided , then easily 20,000 crore annual market

and here we are excluding ares falling in jurisdiction of Mhow registrar or further dewas and dhar

Also key price indicators like iit, infosys, tcs , first integrated townships, railway station in rau etc are yet to materialize....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Distirbuted generation and distribution solar light in MP

A very good experiment in one of the hinterland villages in Guna (meerwada)

can become a model for many inaccessible villages and a good place of philanthropy for rich NRIs and companies who want to do something in MP

SunEdison has announced the launch of a 15KW plant in Meerwada, a remote village in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh. Meerwada is the first village to be selected by SunEdison as part of the company’s Rural Electrification Programme, SunEdison Eradicating Darkness (SEED), a programme that aims to electrify many remote villages across India, Africa and South East Asia through solar powered mini-grids.
The plant was inaugurated by Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry in a ceremony marked by inspiring speeches from Shri Scindia and Pashupathy Gopalan, managing director, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Operations, SunEdison.
At the inauguration ceremony, Gopalan, said, “We are proud to introduce the SunEdison Eradicating Darkness programme, and we are excited by the prospect of providing electricity to remote villages in India, Africa and South East Asia that do not have access to sustainable, reliable sources of electricity. This project has become a reality thanks to the continued support, commitment and vision of Shri Scindia, Honourable Minister of State for Commerce and Industry. We look forward to continued deployment of solar power in India as a means to accelerate the electrification of villages while preserving natural resources and protecting the environment.”
SunEdison, leveraging its extensive experience in developing and operating successful solar plants across geographies, is responsible for building, financing, operating and maintaining the Meerwada plant. Trained and educated by SunEdison on the usage and benefits of electricity, the villagers have already started reaping the benefits of electricity. They can now make use of basic electric appliances like lights, fans and TVs, their children can study for longer hours, and chores can be performed more efficiently. In addition, with the installation of street lights, the village has become a safer place.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bank robberies in MP to finance terror attacks

Ability of police in Indore and elsewhere in MP to enforce law and http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifordehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifr is very poor. Be it riots, robberies, rape cases, political cases (e.g. Shahla Masood), freak murders or stopping illegal mining or bootlegging, worse often police has been caught harassing citizenry

MP has become a training ground not only for so called Hindu terrorists but also splinter jihadi elements

not to mentions huge influx of Bangladeshis and Biharis

How this general lack of preparedness endangers national security is best exemplified by this news, where taking advantage of nearly useless MP police terrorists committed robberies and were planning to use this money to finance their attacks.

This was in news even before and what s worse part is that it is always Maharashtra or delhi police which discovers such conspiracies and not our indore police

So thanks to MP police , Pakistan need not even finance subversive activities in India

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Only 4 from MP in RBI's young scholar

Last heard we had this vivekanada career guidance scheme

now RBI has this interesting young scholar programme and out of 143 selected for this year there are only 4 from MP...

Drama School in MP

So MP has its own drama school now and it is inviting applications for inaugural batch

MP has always promoted cultural activities.
Arjun Singh government established awards in almost all fields of performing arts and literature but it all had an elitist mindset ignoring indigenous culture of MP

Purpose of this school as claimed is to revive and re interpret folk thatre and arts of Malwa, Nimar, Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand and let us see how much they succeed

for now best wishes

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Deers in Indore zoo

four have died
rest have not drunk water since two days and nearly blind
doctors have no clue
labs have not yet sent test reports from Mhow and Jabalpur ( will administration act promptly?)

Pray for these hapless souls

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Public bicycling in Indore

Some good news

I learnt cycle on one of these rented bicycles

Why can't MP govt act against Ramky

If Maharashtra can take action against a firm for burning toxic waste without seeking permission what stops MP government or Pithampur Municipal corporation from doing same?

All this is being done when dust is not settled on legal battle

Interestingly this is the assembly area of Bhajan Singer

and this is the situation on ground

Water treatment Israel and Indore

Israel has proves desalination technology with costs as low as 50 cents per cubic meter of water. Rather than going for costly water of Narmada and depriving farmers of it ,Indore should collaborate with Israel

A BJP government with peaceful climate will also help to attract Israeli tourists

Hyderabad March 19:

An Indo-Israel Free Trade Agreement is expected to be concluded this year, paving the way for further expansion in bilateral trade between the two countries. Mr Muneer Akbaria, Consul-General, Consulate General of Israel, said discussions between the two countries on the FTA were at an advanced level.

“At present bilateral trade between India and Israel is $5 billion. We expect to increase it by 60 per cent in the next two years,” he told media-persons here on Monday.

The new areas identified for engagement included water technology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.
Desalination tech

He said Israel, which had developed new desalination technologies, could help India in increasing water supply through desalination. “We have five desalination plants in Israel, supplying drinking water to the extent of 50-60 per cent of our requirement. The target is to cover 100 per cent of our drinking water requirement through desalination by 2020,” Mr Akbaria said.

A new desalination technology developed by Israel involves a cost of 50 cents per cubic metre of desalinated water. Also, the country uses 80 per cent of its sewage water for agriculture after elaborating treatment.

Stating that Andhra Pradesh had been a focus area for Israel, he said Israel and the State Government were working towards concluding an agreement for joint research and development on the industrial front.

Israel is also keen on having joint training programmes for the security personnel of the two countries, which faced almost similar security concerns.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pardee : Criminal tribe in Betul

Forget tribals
these people are oppressed even more
and when state is ruled by a party with nationalist leanings...

These are some old news items on how they are being ignored by system

and blamed for forged notes, hunting, and how they are forced into prostitution and denied their right to education

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whom to call for solid waste disposal

THis is the number of toll free number of A2Z company which is responsible for managing solid waste disposal in Indore city


Please see if it works and what is the response
Users can post their experience in comments section

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rail budget 2012 and Indore

This rail budget has proved that an impartial man can deliver goods.
Not only on macro level but even in starting new trains/projects Mr Dinesh Trivedi has kept a balance

For Indore this is better than 2010 and 2011 budgets

Luckily no train to Bihar from Indore...
First a death nail to private bus operators and taxis who fleece passengers is the daily AC train between Indore Bhopal
A weekly train between Indore Yeshwantput - hopefully its frequency is increased soon

Other news of interest to Indore and MP are
Manmad Indore via Malegaon and Dhule to be sent to Planning commission
Khandwa-Dhar via Khargone,Badwani to be sent to planning commission

• Godhra Dahod Indore Devas survey
• Indoe betul survey
• Indore Jabalpur survey

New trains
• Jabalpur-Singrauli Intercity Express (Daily) via New Katni Jn.
•Indore-Rewa Express ( Tri-weekly) via Bina

• Chota Udaipur – alirajpur line to be completed this year
• Ratlam fatehabad gauge conversion to be completed next year
• Itarsi budhni and barkhera habibganj 3rd line sanctioned
• Survey for Gwalior guna maksi doubling
• Maksi Vijaypur and Guna Gwalior electrification next year

A note on double speak of Shivraj Government -

Out of 31 projects with state cooperation – MP government is not cooperating in single project

Burhanpur, Damoh, Khandwa and Ujjain to be made Adarsh station

Trains passing through MP
Bina-Bhopal MEMU service in lieu of conventional services.

Running of independent Passenger trains between Rewa-Bilaspur & Rewa-Chirmiri by delinking from 51751/51752 Rewa-Bilaspur Passenger &51753/51754 Rewa-Chirmiri Passenger

Jhansi-Tikamgarh Passenger via Lalitpur

Kamakhya-Lokmanya Tilak (T) AC Express (Weekly) via Katihar, Mughalsarai, Itarsi

Bikaner-Puri Express (Weekly) via Jaipur,Kota,Katni Murwara, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur

Jaipur-Secunderabad Express (Weekly) via Nagda, Bhopal, Narkher, Amravati, Akola

Jhansi-Mumbai Express (Weekly) via Gwalior, Maksi, Nagda

Running of independent train between Jabalpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin by delinking from 12405/12406 Bhusawal- Hazrat Nizamuddin and 12409/12410 Raigarh-Nizamuddin Gondwana Express

Hyderabad-Ajmer Express (Weekly)via Manmad, Itarsi, Ratlam

Shalimar-Bhuj Express (Weekly) via Bilaspur, Katni, Bhopal

Santragachi-Ajmer Express (Weekly) via Kharagpur, Chandil, Barkakana, Katni, Kota

Wednesday, March 7, 2012