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Monday, February 20, 2012

Betma rape and Umaria journalist killing

All the things for which people of MP and Indore used to be proud despite not being as affluent as other parts of nation are disappearing one by one

Corruption is on peak, we have officials who kowtow to political masters, police inspectors are running crime rackets, female infanticide is prevalent, girls are not safe, alcoholism is on rise

There was a time when we had Dr Mukherjee kind of medical luminaries and now unethical medical trials are going on

Journalist Shehla Masood's murder is fresh in memory and now this brutal killing of complete family of journalist in Umaria.If ruling dis-pensions is actually serious about providing a good administration they should make it a point to solve this case.
Even in urban areas incidents of chain snatching or bank robberies are so common that now they hardly raise any eyebrow

but to me most shocking was this gang rape which happened in Betma. By all accounts it appears to be planned. and look at criminals, son of local BJP politician, congress politician, a Muslim youth, two tribal men - almost all shades of our male dominated society.
MMS is made and circulated , there is a strong case for action against all those on whose mobiles this was seen and transferred because actions like this promote voyeurism in society

all political leaders have done rounds of poor family but no one has bothered to give them psychological counseling or rehabilitate them

It is interesting to see silence of ABVP and NSUI on matter who are never behind in raisin rubble at DAVV

and why we are known as rape capital would be clear from these posts..it would be instructive to find out in how many of these cases conviction was secured finally

There is a state wide commission for child Right protection and I will urge readers to flood them with mails and requests for stringent and prompt action in these case

Madhya Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MPSCPCR)
59, Narmada Bhavan, Jail Road, Arera Hills, Bhopal-462002,
Madhya Pradesh mpcpcr@gmail.com
Fax: 0755-2559900 Hon'ble Justice (Rtd.) Sheela Khanna, Chairperson
Mob: 09425407786
Tel: 0755-2559900
Ms. Shikha Dubey, Secretary, MSCPCR
(Mob: 09425600766)
Tel: 0755-2559903 Ms. Mamta Pathak
Under Secretary (MPCPCR)
Mob: 09425605108, 0755-2559904(O)

Mr. Deepak Sankat, Administrative Officer
Mob: 09425004777, 0755-2559905 (O)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Now a good step of government to e procure the wheat from farmers has brought in open what was known for long

That areas alike Alirajpur are dirt poor and administration has failed to do anything for them

Out of 9.5 lakh farmers in state only 34 are from Alirajpur - this means

1. less penetration of mobile
2. failure of mp on line in Jhabua district
3. farmers in alirajpur still row forest crops and not remunerative crops like wheat or rice