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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rural immersion of IIM Indore

Among all the IIMs IIM Indore has this unique programme where they send MBA participants to district visit for one week during their course.
Needless to say cooperation by MP govt has also been important

This year they covered all 45 districts of M.P>, and I browsed through reports on tribal districts.
All reports are written in a very macro way,we met this , we observed that.
From an MBA student much can be expected, some sort of data, cost benefit analysis, SWOT.

1. there is no standard template for reports different groups have used different formats
2. In many cases it seems work was divided between different members and so change in font and spacing as one moves from one section to other is apparent
3. in many cases most of report is devoted to what a particular scheme is about or statistics about the district. these can be found anywhere , they should ive insights not platitudes
4. Jan sunwai was shown around as model but except one or two group which asked for its auditing and time bound resolution no one asked that what was need of this "darbar" like institutions in democratic polity. How are the normal channels working?
5. even for MNERA and Indira Awas yojna ( one roup calls it "awaj" yojna and report is uploaded un corrected on website) no data is presented
6. taking arguments given by officials like people here are lazy,do not want to work or working in cities is fashionable so they do not work here, on face value is not something expected from inquisitive minds
7. It would have been better to make these visits a research study (which could be funded by government of India or MP). You could easily take 2-3 schemes ( which in fact happened Jan sunwai, MNREGS, Indira Awas and self help group) and compare cross district data. It would have given valuable insights into implementation into tribal/non tribal, urban/non urban, lower caste/on lower caste districts or villages as sampling would have been random and there would be little observer bias as researchers are from out of state, neither govt official, nor NGO hired by govt.
8. simple time motion studies to see whether a particular work being done is being done in best way, or for example HR case study on a rural administration or supply chain case on transfer of PDS or organization behavior case on self help group would have been wonderful

here are some links for my readers

all said and done they are interesting observations and we should congratulate iim indore and students for this stupendous effort














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