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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

People who make Indore proud - Ms Anuradha Shankar

Most corrupt part of our administration is police

In Indore I have mentioned about two inspectors being caught while actually acting like criminals

Now at least a beginning is being made to set thins in order

Recruitment of lowest label of police i.e. constables is being done and this is the place where political parties try to fill slot with their people

Hopefully this new captain of Indore police will ensure thins are done as per rule book

Wishing you all the success

She has done many other things to improve working

Almost 7 TIs have been punished

years old warrants are being executed even against people of Nigeria and Nepal - something about which old police brass never cared

she is insisting on fitness level of police officials

only blot on otherwise unblemished record was bowing to political pressure and suspending a police inspector from Annapurna becuae ego of Mr Jitu Jirati was hurt

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