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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Medical trials in Indore

I desisted from writing on this for full year hoping government will take some strong action but just like lawyers and CAs doctors are also a strong lobby in MP.

The eyewash and the way our clueless minister has justifies it speaks volumes about it and media is anyways sold so no troubling questions are being asked

These are the same doctors who refuse treating HIV infected patients and are known to bunk hospital and college duties...
what happened to oath?

a far more prudent would be IIT model where professors share revenue in 50 50 with institute for facilities but our health minister MR Hardis comes in news for distributing 1000 rs each to his party workers is obviously inapt to think this much

and to get enormity of this scandal loot at this page


and finally token action by medical council


and by government also

now our two ministers who have most probably received their cut are saying there is nothing wrong in it

For their foreign junkets doctors violated FEMA rules as well

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