with love to indore

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslims of Indore create an example

I am a firm believer in power of exposure to many things and prosperity will bring down the intolerance among people.

BJP leaders ,sad to say, are known to ferment communal trouble and Karbal ground in Indore has been their favorite. But this time Muslims of Indore by remaining peaceful foiled their evil designs

Wish Muslims of places like Moradabad could also learn something.


  1. Religious Intolerence is being fed in the minds of youth today. BJP has thrown the "development" agenda in Indore. And now their trick is to play solely with Hinduism. They do nothing but campaign on "Hindu-Festivals", "Hindu-Politicians", "Muslim-Christian-bashing" etc. The roads, banners and road-signs are completely clad by Hindu politicians ( most of them are 13-14 yr old boys ). Religious gundaism and extremism is on a very steep rise in Indore. ( The extremism seems to be much more and dangerous for the city, than the Islamic-Extremism, that used to be in the time of Digvijay Singh 10 yrs ago )

  2. I agree with you anonymous..for votes and making money these people are bribing people with religion and taking indore on a dangerous road