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Monday, December 5, 2011

Incompetent bureaucrated of Indore

Given that we all live in India which is full of corruption, political interference, resource constraint and lack of planning why is it that Indore administration, IMC and IDA outshine every other city in India by their sheer incompetence

I have written in this s
pace about Indore BRTS since perhaps its inception. Vivek Agrawal had the idea but with his departure it has been turned into a joke

if one looks at fund allocation of central government few things are easily apparent

BRTS in different cities have got following amounts since 2007-08
vijaywara - 38.16 cr
vizag - 113 cr
ahmedabad- 15+71+42 cr (they have already finished two phases)
Rajkot - 41 cr
Surat - 58 Cr
Bhopal - 0 (after commitment of 237 cr zero disbursal , they have not been able to even start. Indore has serious competition here)
Indore - 12 cr (against commitment of 98 cr)
riversidecorrido of Indore - 0 (against commitment of 180 cr)
Pune - 30+ 161+170+156+4+21+20
Jaipur - 28+32
Kolkata - 22

1. Planning was flawed in Indore. No one except two three all known officials decided on river side project. Nothing has happened on this , neither will happen. So money which could have been sanctioned for some other project got wasted

Someone should put an RTI to find out how the river side corridor was decided and approved..

2. Pune and Ahmadabad have finished pilot stages and moved to next phase - result low cost of public transport - decrease in vehicle no and pollution

3. Utilisation as a percentage of sanctioned is one of the lowest in Indore

Obviously our so called thakur who says his hands are cut have also not bothered to think about this nor our MP

Result of all this incompetence is that when question comes of other projects or allocation of extra money we are short changed as we are already behind the schedule

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