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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Illegal mining in Madhya Pradesh

So what if we do not have industries like Karnataka or tourism like Goa , we can match them at least in mining scam or even surpass them.We rank third in nation in detected illegal mining cases.

As expected Naidunia and Congress have conveniently managed to ignore this topic.

First of all MP is not among the states which have digitized all their mining maps so there is huge scope for things on ground being different from files and difficulty in verifying them..
Most harmful is mining of less than one hectare which often go unregulated and is done by small time rich by night operators in most unscientific way.

If one goes to sirpur such stone mines can be seen even near Indore which are a environmental disaster with no plan fro successful closure

Even large mining firms like rio tinto have been accused of foul play by prominent activists specially related to Panna tiger park mining

Great Mr Vivek Tankha while arguing on behalf of state of MP has blamed people instead of mining for destruction of forests in supreme court

Recent furore is obviously over the satna case. There is also this Muraina story.
If chief conservator of forest is accusing two sitting ministers in cabinet of illegal mining then it can be safely assumed that things would have actually crossed limit

It is height of hypocrisy on BJPs part to demand resignation of Raja or Kalmadi when their ministers are staying in office even after their kins are either arrested or absconding

Now in fact one can connect dots of Ms Shehla Masood's murder also.

There are people still fighting against this menace and their efforts need to be complimented

This is not a new thing. Earlier even supreme court had asked to punish officials responsible for illegal mining in Shivpuri but nothing happened.

I.A. No. 1178 in I.A. 620-621: Regarding rampant illegal mining in Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh

The State of Madhya Pradesh is granted four weeks’ time to file its response to the report of CEC.

The report shows that rampant illegal mining going on in Shivpuri District prior to the intervention of this Court. This conclusion has been reached by the CEC after going through the submissions made by the applicant, the State Government, the MoEF and the site inspection reports of Shri M.K. Sharma, Additional D.G., Forests, MoEF. In the opinion of the CEC, such rampant illegal mining could not have happened without the connivance of the officials/officers of the concerned department and the interested parties. One of the recommendations is for taking stern action against the officers and officials of the Revenue Department and Mines Department, who had directly or indirectly caused large scale illegal mining in this area. Before we consider the suggestion of referring the matter to C.B.I., in our view, it would be expedient if the Chief Secretary of the State Government is requested to independently examine the record in his capacity as an officer of the Court and send to this Court his report in a sealed cover giving his opinion as to the persons, prima facie, responsible for such illegal activity. Ordered accordingly.

This is what state congress has to say

Shivpuri district's total geographical area 10278 Sq Kms but state's mining department has issued reconnaissance permits to seven companies for a total area of 14502 Sq Kms! ", Agrawal pointed out adding that similarly reconnaissance permit has been issued to a mining firm for an area of 4758 square kilometres in Morena district having a total area of 4998.78 Sq Kms.

Pointing out that 60 to 70 per cent of the mining companies, which have business stakes in Madhya Pradesh, are from Kolkata in West Bengal, he alleged that close relatives of BJP leaders were 'sleeping partners' in these firms. He alleged that the state government had also issued six reconnaissance permits to a firm, which has been black-listed in Orissa. He said this company's activities are being probed by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Just like corruption of custom officials fro smuggling led to bombay terror attacks in 1993, explosives for illegal mining can easily be misused.

It is such a relief that Kushabhau Thakre is not alive today to watch BJP government indulging in such corruption

One more report on how Bundelkhand is bleeding

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