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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAVV VC resigns

I think in last 7-8 years he must be 5-6th VC.
So called student politics, corrupt officials and education mafia have taken a toll on university.

Every time university is in news for some bad things only, what are the headlines which come to mind?

1. student election - BJP got their candidate elected by misrepresentation of records
2. scam in management school - due to political patronage perpetrators go scot free
3. one of the most corrupt registrar who is here since years transferred and came back
4. BEd school mafia try to misguide VC along with officials
5. Sham PhD for one official's daughter
6. No viva for a Phd student after many years and she had to go on hunger strike
7. closure of innovative school
8. salary and other issues of self financed staff

none of these issue is concerned with academics and which speaks a lot about where our higher education is going.

As far as our minister is concerned she is more interested in changing convocation gown and distributing rss magazine devputra to schools...

Mr Sehrawat who got chair by questionable means tried to reform things and so did Mr Chaddha before him, but politics of Indore successfully thwarted their efforts....

Pity my beloved city..

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