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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 and Indore

1. Indore police established new records of incompetence by failing to manage traffic, failing to stop goons, late night thefts in houses, bank loots, murders of property brokers and rally of politicians

Rot inside indore police has become so deep that not only officers are negligent, incompetent or corrupt or shield criminals but they have themselves become criminal. Thanks to some good officials at top this year saw two inspectors going to Jail.

2.IMC saw huge "kachra" scam being unearthed and silently buried and officers who brought it out was shunted. Also BJP claiming to do value based politics had a murderer as head of municipal council who became a fugitive from law for large part of year

3.DAVV saw flawed election which were just meant to serve as launching pad for youth politicians and not as something concerned with students. corrupt registrar kept on ruling and even VC was forced to resign

4.BRTS lingered on. Bureaucrats trying to do project management failed miserably.
City bus was set on path of destruction by overstretchingg it in running buses to far off places and trying to manage piplyahana park

5.Income tax raids in Indore at corrupt govt officials places kept on making news year round but no concrete action was taken to stamp out corruption

6.Despite corruption ridden and failed green city and 1000 garden programme of last mayor Indore got tag of 5th most polluted city in India

7.TCS made a big fool of government by garnering all cotracts from state and still not opening centre in Indore. Late entry by Infosys proved to be a game changer

8.Private firms of Indore kept on bringing infamy. One was this cleartrail which figured in wikileaks other was this pharma company which was responsible for death of infants in Jodhpur hospital

9. On front of water good monsoon and third stage made our policymakers complacent.So there is not effort at 100% billing or preventing theft. Kishor Kodvani fought a lone crusade and got defeated

10. Dust of land scam subsided. All mafia came out of Jail and it is business as usual. With news of arrival of IT companies Don of Indore is making a killing there

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