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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 and Indore

1. Indore police established new records of incompetence by failing to manage traffic, failing to stop goons, late night thefts in houses, bank loots, murders of property brokers and rally of politicians

Rot inside indore police has become so deep that not only officers are negligent, incompetent or corrupt or shield criminals but they have themselves become criminal. Thanks to some good officials at top this year saw two inspectors going to Jail.

2.IMC saw huge "kachra" scam being unearthed and silently buried and officers who brought it out was shunted. Also BJP claiming to do value based politics had a murderer as head of municipal council who became a fugitive from law for large part of year

3.DAVV saw flawed election which were just meant to serve as launching pad for youth politicians and not as something concerned with students. corrupt registrar kept on ruling and even VC was forced to resign

4.BRTS lingered on. Bureaucrats trying to do project management failed miserably.
City bus was set on path of destruction by overstretchingg it in running buses to far off places and trying to manage piplyahana park

5.Income tax raids in Indore at corrupt govt officials places kept on making news year round but no concrete action was taken to stamp out corruption

6.Despite corruption ridden and failed green city and 1000 garden programme of last mayor Indore got tag of 5th most polluted city in India

7.TCS made a big fool of government by garnering all cotracts from state and still not opening centre in Indore. Late entry by Infosys proved to be a game changer

8.Private firms of Indore kept on bringing infamy. One was this cleartrail which figured in wikileaks other was this pharma company which was responsible for death of infants in Jodhpur hospital

9. On front of water good monsoon and third stage made our policymakers complacent.So there is not effort at 100% billing or preventing theft. Kishor Kodvani fought a lone crusade and got defeated

10. Dust of land scam subsided. All mafia came out of Jail and it is business as usual. With news of arrival of IT companies Don of Indore is making a killing there

Friday, December 16, 2011

Delhi Bhopal not a high speed corridor?

If I am not mistaken this is the route railway always uses for running high speed trains be it shatabdi or rajdhani above speed of 150 km

but if one goes by this news item it is not one of the six routes proposed for high speed rail

Steel processing plants in MP

MP to get three steel processing plants at Ujjain, Gwalior and Hoshangabad


Thursday, December 15, 2011

missing wood for tree

after burning alive of passengers in a bus in Khandwa, instead of controlling private operators or breaking the nexus of corrupt officials, all government is insisting is on buses with two doors so that if any such event happens in future people are not roasted alive...

why not try to prevent such incidents in first place??

incompetent police of Indore

after licking boots of political masters for so many years and neck deep in corruption , our police is adept at harassing citizens but not at doing its job...

this was proved this night

100 policemen with all top officials except maybe SP fail to catch 3 local criminals whole night...

our CSP Mr Bittu Sehgal could not muster courage to catch them when they were hardly 10-15 mtrs from him...

Solar Power plant in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited will set up its biggest solar (green) power station of 50 megawatts in the electricity-starved Madhya Pradesh.

"We are setting up our biggest solar power project at an estimated cost of around Rs 700 crore in Rajgarh district. NTPC will sell the entire power generated from this project to Madhya Pradesh," NTPC officials said today.

"The government will soon ink a power purchase agreement with NTPC to procure energy from this project," they said.

According to them, NTPC has kickstarted the process of setting up five MW and 15 MW solar stations in Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh but the company's biggest non-conventional energy project would be set up in Madhya Pradesh.

"In all, we are working on generating over 100 MW solar power energy projects across the country right now," they said.

why rajgarh?
influence of Diggi Raja?

finally he is doing something useful for state
because of one looks at solar irradiation map...there are plenty of better choices than Rajgarh in MP

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

corruption of Indore municipal corporation

so these people fail to provide people services (water, cleanliness) which they are obliged to.

if there is a public private partnership they help private party in making money even out of "kachra" (a2z company's case) at citizens' expense

when they hire a private body as contractor (for digitization or road building), work is give not to best party but to one which pays officials and councilors most

and now when a private party (avantika gas limited) tries to do something ( it is JV of GAIL and HPCL to be precise) they demand "goonda" tax, these same councilors will become MLA and MP tomorrow and then ask people to submit to their whims and fancies because parliament is supreme

Hight T&D losses in MP

Despite being one of the first states to be helped by PWC and Asian development bank ,
MP scores just next to NE states and J&K in T&D losses at 38.32 %

Not only that reduction from year 2003-04 to 2010-11 has been only 3 % or so while a similar state like Rajasthan has achieved reduction of 14% from 43% to 29%.
Similalry Chhattisgarh has reduced from 42 to 18, so no longer the argument that only industrially advanced states or southern states have achieved good reduction
Even Maharashtra, goa, orissa, andhra and west bengal have achieved significant reduction

I wonder is this doing of BJP government or MPEB is an animal without redemption

Monday, December 12, 2011

Backwardness of MP

MP fails to attract not only private investment but is behind even in benefiting from government of India schemes

I think this is because not only IAS cadre but our local bureaucracy is also dominated by people from outside the state

Look at this news

Number of applications made from MP actually match smaller states like Haryana or Uttranchal (which are more developed anyways)...

I am talking about PMEGP i.e. Prime Minister employment generation programme

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Right to serivce act Madhya Pradesh

I doubt if it is working effectively but one has to commend media management by SHivraj Singh Chouhan..
Outlook is also talking about it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MP turning into a kayakin and canoeing powerhouse

So finally we have something to cheer up.
over last few years Shivraj government has made steady investments in water sports in Bhopal , and despite being not a traditional sporting power state in India, MP performed well in last national games, has a large SAI establishment and regularly hosts training for various national teams of hockey, judo and boxing etc as well in Bhopal.

Most spectacular has been canoeing and kayaking.
Right now Bangalore is hosting national championship and if one goes by account of news papers, all these investment is yielding good result.

Imagine if backwaters of Indirasagar, bargi, rajghat, mahi and gandhisagar are used to promote water sports in respective areas and village youth from these areas are given a chance to have something to look upto,what wonders it could do.
This would be a 'swarnim madhya pradesh' in true sense

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAVV VC resigns

I think in last 7-8 years he must be 5-6th VC.
So called student politics, corrupt officials and education mafia have taken a toll on university.

Every time university is in news for some bad things only, what are the headlines which come to mind?

1. student election - BJP got their candidate elected by misrepresentation of records
2. scam in management school - due to political patronage perpetrators go scot free
3. one of the most corrupt registrar who is here since years transferred and came back
4. BEd school mafia try to misguide VC along with officials
5. Sham PhD for one official's daughter
6. No viva for a Phd student after many years and she had to go on hunger strike
7. closure of innovative school
8. salary and other issues of self financed staff

none of these issue is concerned with academics and which speaks a lot about where our higher education is going.

As far as our minister is concerned she is more interested in changing convocation gown and distributing rss magazine devputra to schools...

Mr Sehrawat who got chair by questionable means tried to reform things and so did Mr Chaddha before him, but politics of Indore successfully thwarted their efforts....

Pity my beloved city..

Meenakshi Natarajan makes Indore proud

After showing good performance in parliament as MP, she has gone against party line to make sensible suggestions on Lokpal. Something which BJP MPs could have never done (going against party line).....

You have kept my confidence Meenkashi...keep it up

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslims of Indore create an example

I am a firm believer in power of exposure to many things and prosperity will bring down the intolerance among people.

BJP leaders ,sad to say, are known to ferment communal trouble and Karbal ground in Indore has been their favorite. But this time Muslims of Indore by remaining peaceful foiled their evil designs

Wish Muslims of places like Moradabad could also learn something.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Incompetent bureaucrated of Indore

Given that we all live in India which is full of corruption, political interference, resource constraint and lack of planning why is it that Indore administration, IMC and IDA outshine every other city in India by their sheer incompetence

I have written in this s
pace about Indore BRTS since perhaps its inception. Vivek Agrawal had the idea but with his departure it has been turned into a joke

if one looks at fund allocation of central government few things are easily apparent

BRTS in different cities have got following amounts since 2007-08
vijaywara - 38.16 cr
vizag - 113 cr
ahmedabad- 15+71+42 cr (they have already finished two phases)
Rajkot - 41 cr
Surat - 58 Cr
Bhopal - 0 (after commitment of 237 cr zero disbursal , they have not been able to even start. Indore has serious competition here)
Indore - 12 cr (against commitment of 98 cr)
riversidecorrido of Indore - 0 (against commitment of 180 cr)
Pune - 30+ 161+170+156+4+21+20
Jaipur - 28+32
Kolkata - 22

1. Planning was flawed in Indore. No one except two three all known officials decided on river side project. Nothing has happened on this , neither will happen. So money which could have been sanctioned for some other project got wasted

Someone should put an RTI to find out how the river side corridor was decided and approved..

2. Pune and Ahmadabad have finished pilot stages and moved to next phase - result low cost of public transport - decrease in vehicle no and pollution

3. Utilisation as a percentage of sanctioned is one of the lowest in Indore

Obviously our so called thakur who says his hands are cut have also not bothered to think about this nor our MP

Result of all this incompetence is that when question comes of other projects or allocation of extra money we are short changed as we are already behind the schedule

Escorts to invest in MP?

Still they have not decided, hopefully our Mandarins make sure that business comes to MP

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Illegal mining in Madhya Pradesh

So what if we do not have industries like Karnataka or tourism like Goa , we can match them at least in mining scam or even surpass them.We rank third in nation in detected illegal mining cases.

As expected Naidunia and Congress have conveniently managed to ignore this topic.

First of all MP is not among the states which have digitized all their mining maps so there is huge scope for things on ground being different from files and difficulty in verifying them..
Most harmful is mining of less than one hectare which often go unregulated and is done by small time rich by night operators in most unscientific way.

If one goes to sirpur such stone mines can be seen even near Indore which are a environmental disaster with no plan fro successful closure

Even large mining firms like rio tinto have been accused of foul play by prominent activists specially related to Panna tiger park mining

Great Mr Vivek Tankha while arguing on behalf of state of MP has blamed people instead of mining for destruction of forests in supreme court

Recent furore is obviously over the satna case. There is also this Muraina story.
If chief conservator of forest is accusing two sitting ministers in cabinet of illegal mining then it can be safely assumed that things would have actually crossed limit

It is height of hypocrisy on BJPs part to demand resignation of Raja or Kalmadi when their ministers are staying in office even after their kins are either arrested or absconding

Now in fact one can connect dots of Ms Shehla Masood's murder also.

There are people still fighting against this menace and their efforts need to be complimented

This is not a new thing. Earlier even supreme court had asked to punish officials responsible for illegal mining in Shivpuri but nothing happened.

I.A. No. 1178 in I.A. 620-621: Regarding rampant illegal mining in Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh

The State of Madhya Pradesh is granted four weeks’ time to file its response to the report of CEC.

The report shows that rampant illegal mining going on in Shivpuri District prior to the intervention of this Court. This conclusion has been reached by the CEC after going through the submissions made by the applicant, the State Government, the MoEF and the site inspection reports of Shri M.K. Sharma, Additional D.G., Forests, MoEF. In the opinion of the CEC, such rampant illegal mining could not have happened without the connivance of the officials/officers of the concerned department and the interested parties. One of the recommendations is for taking stern action against the officers and officials of the Revenue Department and Mines Department, who had directly or indirectly caused large scale illegal mining in this area. Before we consider the suggestion of referring the matter to C.B.I., in our view, it would be expedient if the Chief Secretary of the State Government is requested to independently examine the record in his capacity as an officer of the Court and send to this Court his report in a sealed cover giving his opinion as to the persons, prima facie, responsible for such illegal activity. Ordered accordingly.

This is what state congress has to say

Shivpuri district's total geographical area 10278 Sq Kms but state's mining department has issued reconnaissance permits to seven companies for a total area of 14502 Sq Kms! ", Agrawal pointed out adding that similarly reconnaissance permit has been issued to a mining firm for an area of 4758 square kilometres in Morena district having a total area of 4998.78 Sq Kms.

Pointing out that 60 to 70 per cent of the mining companies, which have business stakes in Madhya Pradesh, are from Kolkata in West Bengal, he alleged that close relatives of BJP leaders were 'sleeping partners' in these firms. He alleged that the state government had also issued six reconnaissance permits to a firm, which has been black-listed in Orissa. He said this company's activities are being probed by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Just like corruption of custom officials fro smuggling led to bombay terror attacks in 1993, explosives for illegal mining can easily be misused.

It is such a relief that Kushabhau Thakre is not alive today to watch BJP government indulging in such corruption

One more report on how Bundelkhand is bleeding

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nitin Gadkari to fight election from Indore

If this news report is to be believed....hopefully now Indore will get some funding and attention which is its due

Clear trail Indore

Today's Hindu carried front page article about communication eavesdropping by security agencies and how it can be misused. It mentions some Indian importers of these sophisticated equipments as well
and surprise surprise there is an Indore firm also mentioned

There is o information on website about who owns it or what are its sales but its ads can be found on job portals as well as it has office in Sarda House..( is it owned by family?)

Well I wonders is MP lokayukta or Police is using these kind of instruments to monitor corrupt minsiters, mlas , officers and bureaucrats or they do and use this info to make money out of misery of these criminals?

Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and technology

This news item talks about the rampant corruption in body. even if half of the accusations are true it is a classic case of government bodies which are actually keeping MP backward rather than helping in its development

lets start with its head
. A scientist always takes pride in papers published but this gentlemna's profile talks about positions held and countries visited....

One very good money spinning scheme has been this viyan mathan yatra..will not it make more sens e to get good science teachers give lectures with demonstration to students in school ...

A very poor website
which does not even lists its research grants or projects it is supporting is what we have to offer for development of science in MP..

Exposing corrupt land deals in Indore

Was reading today about this news item of villagers letting loose cobra in a government office after being harassed for bribe...was thinking how to expose land sharks of Indore when we daily read about housing society scams...

First lets talk about politicians..everyone knows about which benami property they have bought in which part of city, which land or building they got vacated by using force and where they broke rules or indulged in encroachment...

mark all such land pieces in a google earth map of indore (possibly in red) and then viral this on Internet. Still better make a video and post it on you tube....
a denial will propel people associated to come up with proves ..absence of denial will give opposition more power to create noise...

a beginning could be made with so called thakur of Indore i.e. Kailash vijayvargiya...if a poor man in a haryana village can think of novel ways of exposing corruption then are we indorians not even this bit creative....