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Friday, November 25, 2011

GRAMSAT in Jhabua

A very good initiative of ISRO for distance education in villages of Jhabua, Dhar ad Badwani

It is being implemented in selected tribal districts and in my opinion all tribal districts who are still untouched by LWE should get benfit of this be it banswara, bhilwara in rajsthan, mandala , chindwara in mp or danga and panchmahal in MP
but sadly government which is spending 100s of crores to fight naxals is not paying attention on this which can actually lead to nipping in bud of such discontent

Apparently they are having good impact in a region where many people are not even exposed to what a TV is

I wonder like Anna university or mysore university why not DAVV of Indore gets involved in this. They have a very fine EMRC also and now with IIM , IIT and Indo german tool room useful content creation should be easy.

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