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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cash payment to MNREGS

Recently we heard Jairam Ramesh lamenting cash payment to MNREGS is some inaccessible areas

Can blue dart be a solution for Indian direct cash transfer?

Method of paying via bank accounts and post offices to workers or beneficiaries of government scheme have not always been fool proof

Indore saw lakhs of ghost pension beneficiaries. Banks do not find it remunerative to open such accounts & in many cases banks, post offices are far off, do not operate all hours and majority of beneficiary population is illiterate

Recently I got 2-3 deliveries via blue dart – both expensive item and simple documents where delivery boy carried a hand held device which scanned my ID , took my signature and instantaneously transmitted back this to its main database.

This can be easily replicated in NREGS and other govt schemes like distribution of scholarships to school kids ( they have to go through torture of operating bank accounts st tender age of 10-12), expectant mothers under Janani suraksha yojna and farmers under various government scheme

To prevent fraud where some trick is employed or false ID is used , UID can be integrated with this system to add biometric identification (thumb or iris) and each mohalla/ward could have a hand held device with biometric identities of beneficiaries loaded which can be used to identify them while making cash payments

This can transform the way government benefits are delivered and will at the same time reduce leakages, create a trail for audit to check things later and bring transparency

What an idea Sir G

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