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Thursday, October 27, 2011

MP maintains its position as rape capital of India

I had reported last year how MP topped the nation in number of rapes

this year again we have got laurels

kudos to our home minister and police...

I saw Bhopal IG when Shehla Masood murder was in news, he was defending police not looking at call details saying first you investigate the place of incidence..later it was found there was material in car itself which MP police ignored and her mobile was used to make calls also after police came to location

clearly these gentlemen have forgot everything they were taught in police training and no surprise that MP has got 1st rank in rape

other day when a 11 year old girl was brought to hospital after being tortured by her family member a lady polic constable asked her to hush everything else her parents will be jailed and kid kept on insisting that she fell down while she clearly had burn marks....

Keep it up MP Police

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