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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anti Muslim bias of administartion in Indore

With heavy heart one has to say that Indore administration does not seem to have learnt any lesson from riots 2 years back or terrorists of SIMI emanating from Indore

As IDA and other government bodies were busy developing real estata and pet project of minister i.e. MR 10 they never bothered about industrial development of Indore

On its own Inodre people had a vibrant leather and fireworks industry and a separate business park could be made for it - it was not made

There are myriad regulatory bodies. They should have seen that this business is not being done in residential areas - it was never done (bribes were exchanged)

Now after a freak accident which killed 7 people , they are doing this drama of sealing & raiding shops and cancelling licenses

A few things stand out

1. no compensation seems to have been announced for rau blast victims (all were muslims)
2. Newspapers are reporting names of only muslim shopkeepers
3. apparently local MLA of BJP did not get thier vote , so on the one hand they reach to protect every illegal encroachment even of a pawn shop..here when employment of so many people is in danger his gem is "people never asked for a business cluster, so it is theri fault and hence all shops are to be removed"

First these elected representatives do not let business floursih
then they do not provide modicum of facilities to citizens instead divert tax money to their pet projects

and if anything untowered happens was h off hands

and that too with a communal bent of mind.....

Pity my beloved city

similar attitude of hands off was visible in live burning of bus passengers

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