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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indore Police : Two inspectors in Jail in 7 days

People of Indore always take pride in calling their city mini bombay. I do not know about industries but in terms of corruption by political class and officialdom it has perhaps left Bombay behind and now comes the turn of police.
In last 7 days two police ASIs have been arrested and not even charged o graft or negligence but proper criminal cases.
One shudders at the thought of approaching a body which harbors such people for redressal of any grievance.

1. First fellow caught a thief recovered booty and then divided it amongst himself and thief and then let him go away. This thief was caught later due to some chance conversation only. Most reprehensible part is that many police officials were against arresting this bloke for fear of "morale". I do not know what is the definition of "morale" for these worthies.

2. This case is downright criminal. ASI kidnaps a girl makes her video and blackmails her. Only because the girl happened to be relative of an MLA she was able to muster courage for action.

Sometimes one thinkg that taliban type theocracy or monarchy of old days would be much better than present dispensation in which we are forced to live.

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