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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shehla Masood: RIP

Did not have a chance to meet her or know much about her work but sheer fact that some official thought it fit to murder her underscores imapct of work being done by her...

I am die hard BJP supporter and always used to wonder why pseudo secular media keeps on comparing Taliban and BJP but BJP is slwaly turning MP into Taliban.
Minsiters (including Don of Indore) are neck deep in corruption , Lokayukta is in cahoots with govenrment, no industry is coming in state and public has been opiated by religion...

RIP peaceful and corruption free MP also....

Madhya Pradesh in RajySabha

Just went to Rajya Sabha website to see members of Lokpal committee and happened to see how MP is represented by our parliamentarians

Anil Dave - 160 question and 2 special mention in almost 1 year of membership
Meghraj Jain - no pariticpation whatsoever ( why has he been made member??)
Prabhat jha - 606 question and 13 special mention in 3 years (plus introduced 6 bills)
narayn Singh kesari - 17 questions & 4 assurances in 5 years (poor performance)
Dr Chandan Mitra -14 question , 2 assurance and 1 special mention (one year)
Dr VijayLakshmi sadho - Mum till now no question (1 year spent already)
Raghunanadan Sharma - 209 questions, 8 assurances, 2 special mentions (3 years half term finished)
Maya Singh - 803 questions, 47 assurances, 22 special mention and 4 bills ( in 3 years must say most active member)
kaptan Singh solanki - 237 questions, 8 assurances and 6 special mention ( 2 years ..impressive)
Anusiya Uike - 391 question, 25 assurances, 40 special mentions (5 years good performance)
VIkram Verma - 10 question and 2 assurances (5 years..almost sleeping it means)

A quick analysis shows that people who have gone from organisation i.e. Kaptan Singh solanki, anil dave and Prabhat Jha have been proactive in taking part in discussion and deriving info from government.
two members i.e. Chandan Mitra and Maya Singh are from out of state and Chandan Mitra has been lethargic.

But performance of people like Vikram Verma (one time serious contender for MP CM post), Vijaylakshmi sadho (Her dad was also politician and she is a doctor...should not she take more interest?), Narayan Singh Kesari and Meghraj Jain have been deplorable and this people are just enjoying perks and allowances without bothering to highlight issues impacting people.

Public should make sure that such non performers are eliminated from public life once their current term ends.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Madhya Pradesh again gets an old man as governor

Since Ramprakash Gupta was made governor by NDA , MP has been given real old men as governor by successive government.
All these gentlement who would have been active in prime of their age, only take health rest in MP raj bhawan and government of the day become free of any oversight..