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Saturday, April 2, 2011

MP falls on Economic freedom index : No longer an investment friendly state??

This report shows that while in 2005 MP was ranked 2nd in 2009 it slipped to 6th. Despite the fact that it is second term of a government with even most of local bodies being under BJP control there is little political explanation for same.

Report says States with higher levels of economic freedom tended to perform
better across a range of economic variables. They also had higher levels of
in-migration, while states with the least economic freedom had higher
levels of out-migration.

SO true MP sees large scale outward migration of labour, be it workers from bundelkhand going to Punjab, from Dhar Jhabua to work in slate mines in Gujarat or educated youth from Indore Bhopal to Pune Gurgaon as so called "chanakya" of Indore politics who happen to be IT and industry minister of state has got his priorities set on capturing power and real estate and not on bringing industries into state.

On factor like size of government MP has fell from 14th to 17th rank clearly indicating increase in size of government faster than increase in FDI


  1. Dear Failed and discouraged author,
    Focus of CM is on Village development similar to Gujrat. We dont want to have a population migration like Pune and Mumbai in Maharashtra and Kolkata in Bengal.
    We want to be like Gujrat where every thing is available in our villages.
    So after giving invitation 1c to industries we clearly see to support villagers.
    We are having 670 Km of canals. We are having target of 1240Km by 2014.
    We donot support brain drain.We encourage ourp own people to start and govern own setups instead of migrating from MP.
    As far as labor class is considered. We can see a constant fall in migration from 2002 to this day in a constant rate of 2.2% in year 2009-2010.

    Gather facts properly or be a part of congress corrupt regime.