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Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Arjun Singh

Well you could like him or hate him but could not ignore him. Directly or indirectly he impacted many lives.
e.g. his obstinacy on OBC reservation made CAT results late in 2007 and I had to unnecessarily deposit fee at FMS.
he started trend of giving land to jhuggis in MP but when one sees today at cooperative societies land scam done by politicians one feels that at least poor also got something by this.

did large scale regularisation of untrained teachers in 1985
did bring IIT and IIM to Indore
got Chambal free ofd dacaits

politicized instruments like IDA, BDA and various state bodies doing them irreparable damage

made bhopal a cultural hub

in his later days he was not even capable of winning a seat on his own.

an unashamedly paean singing biography of him was purchased by all central education institutes in his second term as HRD minister.

let his soul rest in peace

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