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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuclear power plant in MP on earthquake prone site : Bargi dam

After nuclear incident in Japan questions are being raised about safety of proposed nuclear plant in India and as always everyone tends to forget MP which incidently had world's largest industrial disaster in shape of Bhopal gas kand.

this, this (with objections by MoEF)mention about bargi, this one names a village called chutka as site.

Interstingly rehabilitation of people due to Bargi dam itself is not complete.
Asian Human rights has a detailed report here.

In 1999 after the earthquake an observatory was established here to monitor seismic activities.

2000 earthquake in Jabalpur was widely blamed on this dam. Till last year citizens like me were paying a jabalpur quake surcharge on sales tax and not to forget this is the area of Narmada rift valley lying between Satpura and Vindhyanchal.

It all appears case of bureaucratic incompetence and laziness like this.
It couldbe tolerated in case of hydel dam as ill effects were not far reaching but only reason for choosing this site appears to be its nearness to HQ of MPEB in Jabalpur thus making life easy for officials or Jabalpur being home district of power minister in state cabinet.

Brace yourself for another Bhopal.

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