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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wish I was kid again

just saw this news item


this is such a laudable step.
10 years back when I was writing these exams there was complete opacity , even your application for revaluation were limited to re totaling of marks and not revalaution and there was no way of knowing where you have been on wrong side of luck in your examiner giving average marks to students.

I was school topper throughout with wide margin, cleared NTSE, IIT JEE, CAT etc.
In class X I used to top school and class in all exams but in our final exam in social science 25 students in school got 90/100 (a record of sort..in no other subject such performance was there ..not this year ..never before)..but I got only 77, my closest competitor in class also got 78. In fact there used to be 3 sets of papers and everyone in our set got such marks. In fact we two had highest in our set.

Clearly we had been checked by some foolish checker and other set of people who claimed to have left 20-30 marks but ended up getting 90 had been checked by someone even fooler.

just to mention in the same exam I got 100 in math, 99 in science and all these set of 90 scorer got 80-50 marks -- commensurate with what they would have written.

I still wish to find those two gentlemen and ask them do you realise your laziness or negligence has cost so many things to so many people in life...?

now this cost me merit position
first rank in school
but more importantly years later when I was at IIM this potentially cost me my IIMA seat and some crucial company shortlists...

Hope now onwards no one will be treated in such a way by fate, mp board of secondary education, checkers and bureaucrats.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuclear power plant in MP on earthquake prone site : Bargi dam

After nuclear incident in Japan questions are being raised about safety of proposed nuclear plant in India and as always everyone tends to forget MP which incidently had world's largest industrial disaster in shape of Bhopal gas kand.

this, this (with objections by MoEF)mention about bargi, this one names a village called chutka as site.

Interstingly rehabilitation of people due to Bargi dam itself is not complete.
Asian Human rights has a detailed report here.

In 1999 after the earthquake an observatory was established here to monitor seismic activities.

2000 earthquake in Jabalpur was widely blamed on this dam. Till last year citizens like me were paying a jabalpur quake surcharge on sales tax and not to forget this is the area of Narmada rift valley lying between Satpura and Vindhyanchal.

It all appears case of bureaucratic incompetence and laziness like this.
It couldbe tolerated in case of hydel dam as ill effects were not far reaching but only reason for choosing this site appears to be its nearness to HQ of MPEB in Jabalpur thus making life easy for officials or Jabalpur being home district of power minister in state cabinet.

Brace yourself for another Bhopal.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indore pharma company behind Jodhpur hospital deaths

name of Parenteral Surgical India Ltd, Indore has been coming in reports.
Interestingly none of local newspapers has tried to locate the company and do some investigation.

Meanwhile when Indore is emerging as pharma hub , there is urgent need for authorities and drug controller to ensure quality level in small pharma units.

Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Arjun Singh

Well you could like him or hate him but could not ignore him. Directly or indirectly he impacted many lives.
e.g. his obstinacy on OBC reservation made CAT results late in 2007 and I had to unnecessarily deposit fee at FMS.
he started trend of giving land to jhuggis in MP but when one sees today at cooperative societies land scam done by politicians one feels that at least poor also got something by this.

did large scale regularisation of untrained teachers in 1985
did bring IIT and IIM to Indore
got Chambal free ofd dacaits

politicized instruments like IDA, BDA and various state bodies doing them irreparable damage

made bhopal a cultural hub

in his later days he was not even capable of winning a seat on his own.

an unashamedly paean singing biography of him was purchased by all central education institutes in his second term as HRD minister.

let his soul rest in peace

Electricty Frnachise in Damoh

Just came across this interesting report on rural electrification. Similar franchise should exist in other places as well.


one interesting thing is all five franchise are "singhs" persumably from dominant castes in village.
Though it is not necessary to always appoint people in caste ration but eastern MP is a backward region and instead of focusing on reservation in jobs , difference at village level is made by these positions of local elite and who occupies them