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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 and Indore

1. Indore police established new records of incompetence by failing to manage traffic, failing to stop goons, late night thefts in houses, bank loots, murders of property brokers and rally of politicians

Rot inside indore police has become so deep that not only officers are negligent, incompetent or corrupt or shield criminals but they have themselves become criminal. Thanks to some good officials at top this year saw two inspectors going to Jail.

2.IMC saw huge "kachra" scam being unearthed and silently buried and officers who brought it out was shunted. Also BJP claiming to do value based politics had a murderer as head of municipal council who became a fugitive from law for large part of year

3.DAVV saw flawed election which were just meant to serve as launching pad for youth politicians and not as something concerned with students. corrupt registrar kept on ruling and even VC was forced to resign

4.BRTS lingered on. Bureaucrats trying to do project management failed miserably.
City bus was set on path of destruction by overstretchingg it in running buses to far off places and trying to manage piplyahana park

5.Income tax raids in Indore at corrupt govt officials places kept on making news year round but no concrete action was taken to stamp out corruption

6.Despite corruption ridden and failed green city and 1000 garden programme of last mayor Indore got tag of 5th most polluted city in India

7.TCS made a big fool of government by garnering all cotracts from state and still not opening centre in Indore. Late entry by Infosys proved to be a game changer

8.Private firms of Indore kept on bringing infamy. One was this cleartrail which figured in wikileaks other was this pharma company which was responsible for death of infants in Jodhpur hospital

9. On front of water good monsoon and third stage made our policymakers complacent.So there is not effort at 100% billing or preventing theft. Kishor Kodvani fought a lone crusade and got defeated

10. Dust of land scam subsided. All mafia came out of Jail and it is business as usual. With news of arrival of IT companies Don of Indore is making a killing there

Friday, December 16, 2011

Delhi Bhopal not a high speed corridor?

If I am not mistaken this is the route railway always uses for running high speed trains be it shatabdi or rajdhani above speed of 150 km

but if one goes by this news item it is not one of the six routes proposed for high speed rail

Steel processing plants in MP

MP to get three steel processing plants at Ujjain, Gwalior and Hoshangabad


Thursday, December 15, 2011

missing wood for tree

after burning alive of passengers in a bus in Khandwa, instead of controlling private operators or breaking the nexus of corrupt officials, all government is insisting is on buses with two doors so that if any such event happens in future people are not roasted alive...

why not try to prevent such incidents in first place??

incompetent police of Indore

after licking boots of political masters for so many years and neck deep in corruption , our police is adept at harassing citizens but not at doing its job...

this was proved this night

100 policemen with all top officials except maybe SP fail to catch 3 local criminals whole night...

our CSP Mr Bittu Sehgal could not muster courage to catch them when they were hardly 10-15 mtrs from him...

Solar Power plant in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited will set up its biggest solar (green) power station of 50 megawatts in the electricity-starved Madhya Pradesh.

"We are setting up our biggest solar power project at an estimated cost of around Rs 700 crore in Rajgarh district. NTPC will sell the entire power generated from this project to Madhya Pradesh," NTPC officials said today.

"The government will soon ink a power purchase agreement with NTPC to procure energy from this project," they said.

According to them, NTPC has kickstarted the process of setting up five MW and 15 MW solar stations in Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh but the company's biggest non-conventional energy project would be set up in Madhya Pradesh.

"In all, we are working on generating over 100 MW solar power energy projects across the country right now," they said.

why rajgarh?
influence of Diggi Raja?

finally he is doing something useful for state
because of one looks at solar irradiation map...there are plenty of better choices than Rajgarh in MP

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

corruption of Indore municipal corporation

so these people fail to provide people services (water, cleanliness) which they are obliged to.

if there is a public private partnership they help private party in making money even out of "kachra" (a2z company's case) at citizens' expense

when they hire a private body as contractor (for digitization or road building), work is give not to best party but to one which pays officials and councilors most

and now when a private party (avantika gas limited) tries to do something ( it is JV of GAIL and HPCL to be precise) they demand "goonda" tax, these same councilors will become MLA and MP tomorrow and then ask people to submit to their whims and fancies because parliament is supreme

Hight T&D losses in MP

Despite being one of the first states to be helped by PWC and Asian development bank ,
MP scores just next to NE states and J&K in T&D losses at 38.32 %

Not only that reduction from year 2003-04 to 2010-11 has been only 3 % or so while a similar state like Rajasthan has achieved reduction of 14% from 43% to 29%.
Similalry Chhattisgarh has reduced from 42 to 18, so no longer the argument that only industrially advanced states or southern states have achieved good reduction
Even Maharashtra, goa, orissa, andhra and west bengal have achieved significant reduction

I wonder is this doing of BJP government or MPEB is an animal without redemption

Monday, December 12, 2011

Backwardness of MP

MP fails to attract not only private investment but is behind even in benefiting from government of India schemes

I think this is because not only IAS cadre but our local bureaucracy is also dominated by people from outside the state

Look at this news

Number of applications made from MP actually match smaller states like Haryana or Uttranchal (which are more developed anyways)...

I am talking about PMEGP i.e. Prime Minister employment generation programme

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Right to serivce act Madhya Pradesh

I doubt if it is working effectively but one has to commend media management by SHivraj Singh Chouhan..
Outlook is also talking about it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MP turning into a kayakin and canoeing powerhouse

So finally we have something to cheer up.
over last few years Shivraj government has made steady investments in water sports in Bhopal , and despite being not a traditional sporting power state in India, MP performed well in last national games, has a large SAI establishment and regularly hosts training for various national teams of hockey, judo and boxing etc as well in Bhopal.

Most spectacular has been canoeing and kayaking.
Right now Bangalore is hosting national championship and if one goes by account of news papers, all these investment is yielding good result.

Imagine if backwaters of Indirasagar, bargi, rajghat, mahi and gandhisagar are used to promote water sports in respective areas and village youth from these areas are given a chance to have something to look upto,what wonders it could do.
This would be a 'swarnim madhya pradesh' in true sense

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAVV VC resigns

I think in last 7-8 years he must be 5-6th VC.
So called student politics, corrupt officials and education mafia have taken a toll on university.

Every time university is in news for some bad things only, what are the headlines which come to mind?

1. student election - BJP got their candidate elected by misrepresentation of records
2. scam in management school - due to political patronage perpetrators go scot free
3. one of the most corrupt registrar who is here since years transferred and came back
4. BEd school mafia try to misguide VC along with officials
5. Sham PhD for one official's daughter
6. No viva for a Phd student after many years and she had to go on hunger strike
7. closure of innovative school
8. salary and other issues of self financed staff

none of these issue is concerned with academics and which speaks a lot about where our higher education is going.

As far as our minister is concerned she is more interested in changing convocation gown and distributing rss magazine devputra to schools...

Mr Sehrawat who got chair by questionable means tried to reform things and so did Mr Chaddha before him, but politics of Indore successfully thwarted their efforts....

Pity my beloved city..

Meenakshi Natarajan makes Indore proud

After showing good performance in parliament as MP, she has gone against party line to make sensible suggestions on Lokpal. Something which BJP MPs could have never done (going against party line).....

You have kept my confidence Meenkashi...keep it up

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslims of Indore create an example

I am a firm believer in power of exposure to many things and prosperity will bring down the intolerance among people.

BJP leaders ,sad to say, are known to ferment communal trouble and Karbal ground in Indore has been their favorite. But this time Muslims of Indore by remaining peaceful foiled their evil designs

Wish Muslims of places like Moradabad could also learn something.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Incompetent bureaucrated of Indore

Given that we all live in India which is full of corruption, political interference, resource constraint and lack of planning why is it that Indore administration, IMC and IDA outshine every other city in India by their sheer incompetence

I have written in this s
pace about Indore BRTS since perhaps its inception. Vivek Agrawal had the idea but with his departure it has been turned into a joke

if one looks at fund allocation of central government few things are easily apparent

BRTS in different cities have got following amounts since 2007-08
vijaywara - 38.16 cr
vizag - 113 cr
ahmedabad- 15+71+42 cr (they have already finished two phases)
Rajkot - 41 cr
Surat - 58 Cr
Bhopal - 0 (after commitment of 237 cr zero disbursal , they have not been able to even start. Indore has serious competition here)
Indore - 12 cr (against commitment of 98 cr)
riversidecorrido of Indore - 0 (against commitment of 180 cr)
Pune - 30+ 161+170+156+4+21+20
Jaipur - 28+32
Kolkata - 22

1. Planning was flawed in Indore. No one except two three all known officials decided on river side project. Nothing has happened on this , neither will happen. So money which could have been sanctioned for some other project got wasted

Someone should put an RTI to find out how the river side corridor was decided and approved..

2. Pune and Ahmadabad have finished pilot stages and moved to next phase - result low cost of public transport - decrease in vehicle no and pollution

3. Utilisation as a percentage of sanctioned is one of the lowest in Indore

Obviously our so called thakur who says his hands are cut have also not bothered to think about this nor our MP

Result of all this incompetence is that when question comes of other projects or allocation of extra money we are short changed as we are already behind the schedule

Escorts to invest in MP?

Still they have not decided, hopefully our Mandarins make sure that business comes to MP

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Illegal mining in Madhya Pradesh

So what if we do not have industries like Karnataka or tourism like Goa , we can match them at least in mining scam or even surpass them.We rank third in nation in detected illegal mining cases.

As expected Naidunia and Congress have conveniently managed to ignore this topic.

First of all MP is not among the states which have digitized all their mining maps so there is huge scope for things on ground being different from files and difficulty in verifying them..
Most harmful is mining of less than one hectare which often go unregulated and is done by small time rich by night operators in most unscientific way.

If one goes to sirpur such stone mines can be seen even near Indore which are a environmental disaster with no plan fro successful closure

Even large mining firms like rio tinto have been accused of foul play by prominent activists specially related to Panna tiger park mining

Great Mr Vivek Tankha while arguing on behalf of state of MP has blamed people instead of mining for destruction of forests in supreme court

Recent furore is obviously over the satna case. There is also this Muraina story.
If chief conservator of forest is accusing two sitting ministers in cabinet of illegal mining then it can be safely assumed that things would have actually crossed limit

It is height of hypocrisy on BJPs part to demand resignation of Raja or Kalmadi when their ministers are staying in office even after their kins are either arrested or absconding

Now in fact one can connect dots of Ms Shehla Masood's murder also.

There are people still fighting against this menace and their efforts need to be complimented

This is not a new thing. Earlier even supreme court had asked to punish officials responsible for illegal mining in Shivpuri but nothing happened.

I.A. No. 1178 in I.A. 620-621: Regarding rampant illegal mining in Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh

The State of Madhya Pradesh is granted four weeks’ time to file its response to the report of CEC.

The report shows that rampant illegal mining going on in Shivpuri District prior to the intervention of this Court. This conclusion has been reached by the CEC after going through the submissions made by the applicant, the State Government, the MoEF and the site inspection reports of Shri M.K. Sharma, Additional D.G., Forests, MoEF. In the opinion of the CEC, such rampant illegal mining could not have happened without the connivance of the officials/officers of the concerned department and the interested parties. One of the recommendations is for taking stern action against the officers and officials of the Revenue Department and Mines Department, who had directly or indirectly caused large scale illegal mining in this area. Before we consider the suggestion of referring the matter to C.B.I., in our view, it would be expedient if the Chief Secretary of the State Government is requested to independently examine the record in his capacity as an officer of the Court and send to this Court his report in a sealed cover giving his opinion as to the persons, prima facie, responsible for such illegal activity. Ordered accordingly.

This is what state congress has to say

Shivpuri district's total geographical area 10278 Sq Kms but state's mining department has issued reconnaissance permits to seven companies for a total area of 14502 Sq Kms! ", Agrawal pointed out adding that similarly reconnaissance permit has been issued to a mining firm for an area of 4758 square kilometres in Morena district having a total area of 4998.78 Sq Kms.

Pointing out that 60 to 70 per cent of the mining companies, which have business stakes in Madhya Pradesh, are from Kolkata in West Bengal, he alleged that close relatives of BJP leaders were 'sleeping partners' in these firms. He alleged that the state government had also issued six reconnaissance permits to a firm, which has been black-listed in Orissa. He said this company's activities are being probed by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Just like corruption of custom officials fro smuggling led to bombay terror attacks in 1993, explosives for illegal mining can easily be misused.

It is such a relief that Kushabhau Thakre is not alive today to watch BJP government indulging in such corruption

One more report on how Bundelkhand is bleeding

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nitin Gadkari to fight election from Indore

If this news report is to be believed....hopefully now Indore will get some funding and attention which is its due

Clear trail Indore

Today's Hindu carried front page article about communication eavesdropping by security agencies and how it can be misused. It mentions some Indian importers of these sophisticated equipments as well
and surprise surprise there is an Indore firm also mentioned

There is o information on website about who owns it or what are its sales but its ads can be found on job portals as well as it has office in Sarda House..( is it owned by family?)

Well I wonders is MP lokayukta or Police is using these kind of instruments to monitor corrupt minsiters, mlas , officers and bureaucrats or they do and use this info to make money out of misery of these criminals?

Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and technology

This news item talks about the rampant corruption in body. even if half of the accusations are true it is a classic case of government bodies which are actually keeping MP backward rather than helping in its development

lets start with its head
. A scientist always takes pride in papers published but this gentlemna's profile talks about positions held and countries visited....

One very good money spinning scheme has been this viyan mathan yatra..will not it make more sens e to get good science teachers give lectures with demonstration to students in school ...

A very poor website
which does not even lists its research grants or projects it is supporting is what we have to offer for development of science in MP..

Exposing corrupt land deals in Indore

Was reading today about this news item of villagers letting loose cobra in a government office after being harassed for bribe...was thinking how to expose land sharks of Indore when we daily read about housing society scams...

First lets talk about politicians..everyone knows about which benami property they have bought in which part of city, which land or building they got vacated by using force and where they broke rules or indulged in encroachment...

mark all such land pieces in a google earth map of indore (possibly in red) and then viral this on Internet. Still better make a video and post it on you tube....
a denial will propel people associated to come up with proves ..absence of denial will give opposition more power to create noise...

a beginning could be made with so called thakur of Indore i.e. Kailash vijayvargiya...if a poor man in a haryana village can think of novel ways of exposing corruption then are we indorians not even this bit creative....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scheduled Castes of MP get a raw deal

No student from MP has benefited from loan scheme of national scheduled caste finance corporation..
Babus in Bhopal and so called leaders in all the towns are surely sleeping

GRAMSAT in Jhabua

A very good initiative of ISRO for distance education in villages of Jhabua, Dhar ad Badwani

It is being implemented in selected tribal districts and in my opinion all tribal districts who are still untouched by LWE should get benfit of this be it banswara, bhilwara in rajsthan, mandala , chindwara in mp or danga and panchmahal in MP
but sadly government which is spending 100s of crores to fight naxals is not paying attention on this which can actually lead to nipping in bud of such discontent

Apparently they are having good impact in a region where many people are not even exposed to what a TV is

I wonder like Anna university or mysore university why not DAVV of Indore gets involved in this. They have a very fine EMRC also and now with IIM , IIT and Indo german tool room useful content creation should be easy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

UK commonwealth scholarship and Madhya Pradesh

Out of more than 200 people called for interview MP has measly 2 persons.
All this after almost every minister in state cabinet own a college and people claim state to be an education hub....

Recently I have been looking at various data in terms of allocation of central government schemes, representation in jobs in central government or private sector and every where MP seems to be laggard

Even when it is for upliftment or about backwardness, we fail to present our case

This negligence of HR is going t o cost us dear in future

Homosexual tigers in Indore zoo

I had always read about foreign studies claiming that homosexuality occurs in animals as well but this is first example from home

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Income tax raids in Indore

Recently Income tax department in Indore seems to have got really active
Apart from usual suspects of builders or sarafa jwellers a variety of business people are being regularly investigated and raided..

what could be the reason?

1, Prosperity is on rise in city?
2. Use of technology has helped department to really nab people
3. Central government is Congress, state is BJP so they are targeting business person who fund BJP?

I guess truth lies somewhere in between..
Most interesting is that even small towns nearby have now people with real big undeclared money

A simple google search throws many such events in recent days...

Is there a pattern?










Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Digvijay Singh becomes first man to have ISO certified integrit

New Delhi. Congress leader and former CM of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh has made India proud by becoming the first human being on earth to get an ISO certification for his integrity.

Diggy Raja, as he is fondly called, now has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his integrity, which means now he can officially question anyone’s integrity without worrying about defamation suits, unless of course the other person too has ISO certified integrity.

“We took the decision after observing him in the last two-three years,” informed Mr. Sharad Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture, who is also the head of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a member body of the International Organization for Standardization that determines the standards for ISO certification.
Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh is seen happy here after receiving the certificate on his integrity

Sharad Pawar further informed that Digvijay Singh had been “under observation” for the last couple of years after he started questioning the authenticity, credibility and integrity of events, institutions and individuals.

Soon after, BIS officials realized that there has been a “standard pattern” in what Digvijay Singh said or questioned, and his actions were very “system driven” that always satisfied a set of “patrons”; something that qualified him for getting a certificate under the ISO 9000 family of standards.

“He was awarded ISO 9001:2008 as 2008 was the years after which his standards were set,” said Sharad Pawar, who also clarified that an approval by BIS meant that Digvijay was also eligible for an “ISI mark” on his integrity.

Following the certification, Digvijay Singh has arguably become the most upright person in India right now, something that might make him eligible for the post of “Jan Lokpal”, but Diggy Raja denied that he had any such ambitions.

“I don’t want any posts, I’m happy with this certificate that proves that I faithfully adhere to the standards of family,” Digvijay Singh said in a press conference accepting the certificate from Mr. Pawar.

“I meant family of standards,” he later clarified.

Digvijay Singh also said that he’d soon release an ISO certified CD of the conversation between Shanti Bhushan and Amar Singh, which will put the controversy to rest.

From : faking news website

Cash payment to MNREGS

Recently we heard Jairam Ramesh lamenting cash payment to MNREGS is some inaccessible areas

Can blue dart be a solution for Indian direct cash transfer?

Method of paying via bank accounts and post offices to workers or beneficiaries of government scheme have not always been fool proof

Indore saw lakhs of ghost pension beneficiaries. Banks do not find it remunerative to open such accounts & in many cases banks, post offices are far off, do not operate all hours and majority of beneficiary population is illiterate

Recently I got 2-3 deliveries via blue dart – both expensive item and simple documents where delivery boy carried a hand held device which scanned my ID , took my signature and instantaneously transmitted back this to its main database.

This can be easily replicated in NREGS and other govt schemes like distribution of scholarships to school kids ( they have to go through torture of operating bank accounts st tender age of 10-12), expectant mothers under Janani suraksha yojna and farmers under various government scheme

To prevent fraud where some trick is employed or false ID is used , UID can be integrated with this system to add biometric identification (thumb or iris) and each mohalla/ward could have a hand held device with biometric identities of beneficiaries loaded which can be used to identify them while making cash payments

This can transform the way government benefits are delivered and will at the same time reduce leakages, create a trail for audit to check things later and bring transparency

What an idea Sir G

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

P&G in Bhopal

A good news for MP


Actualy now with VAT and GST in picture it is not possible for government to entice industries by giving tax advantage.

Then how to attract them to a state with no ports and little minerals?

1. Land – we are still second largest state state in India by area .government can surely find infertile tracts and convert them to SEZ with liberal labour law

2. Educated workforce – Even today more people of other states like Bihar, UP, Gujarat and MP hold management positions in private and government concerns in MP than MP people holding such positions outside. Selection from MP into UPSC is below its population share and to make matters worse even MP PSC is dominated by people from UP & Bihar

3. At least for consumer goods being consumed in state government should insist that they are manufactured in MP. Soaps, toothpastes, shampoos , biscuits, chips, cold drinks could be beginning points.

4. Pepsis has chips making units for lays in Bihar, Punjab and Maharashtra but none in MP

5. Similarly vehicles and automobiles manufactured inside state could be given tax exemption (as it is not possible to tax stuff coming from outside anymore with arrival of VAT and GST ..a kind of WTO for Indian economy)

6. Try to develop cluster of industries and ask big industries like P&G and others to develop a vendor/supplier base in MP itself. As real employment is generated by these vendors/suppliers to large companies not by the large company themselves who have capital intensive operations

7. Lets hope this one off opportunity which is happening solely because of economic opportutniy and not because of efforts by Government of MP goads them into doing some useful things

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shiv Raj in MP - gold mine for event organisers

From Hindi Magazine Visfot
यूँ तो हम भारतीय स्वभाव से ही उत्सव प्रेमी हैं। मौसम का मिजाज़ बदले या फ़िर जीवन से जुड़ा कोई भी पहलू हो, हम पर्व मनाने का बहाना तलाश ही लेते है। साल में जितने दिन होते हैं उससे कहीं ज़्यादा पर्व और त्योहार हैं। अब तक लोक परंपराओं और धार्मिक मान्यताओं के आधार पर पर्व मनाये जाते रहे हैं मगर मध्य प्रदेश के उत्सवधर्मी मुख्यमंत्री के शौक के चलते अब प्रदेश में बारहों महीने सरकारी त्योहार मनाने की नई परंपरा चल पड़ी है। गणपति स्थापना के साथ शुरू हुए उत्सवी माहौल में नवरात्रि आने तक राज्य सरकार ने “बेटी बचाओ अभियान” का जो रंग भरा है,वो जल्द फ़ीका पडता नही दीखता। राज्य में शासन की ओर से “बेटी बचाओ अभियान” नए सिरे से शुरू किया गया है। सरकारी खज़ाने से सौ करोड़ रुपये खर्च कर लिंगानुपात में आ रहे अंतर को पाटना और बालिकाओं को प्रोत्साहन देना मुहिम का खास मकसद बताया जा रहा है।

तूफ़ानी तरीके से चलाये जा रहे इस अभियान के मकसद पर कई बुनियादी सवाल खड़े हो रहे हैं। इस अभियान ने मीडिया, विज्ञापन और प्रिंटिंग कारोबार में नई जान फ़ूँक दी है। मध्यप्रदेश में कुछेक ज़िलों को छोड़कर शायद ही कोई इलाका ऎसा हो जहाँ लिंगानुपात के हालात इतने चिंताजनक हों। दरअसल लिंग अनुपात में असंतुलन का मुख्य कारण विलुप्त हो रही भारतीय परंपराएँ और संस्कृति है। वाहनों पर चस्पा पोस्टर, बैनर और सड़क किनारे लगे होर्डिंग बेटियाँ बचाने में कारगर साबित होते, तो शायद देश को अब तक तमाम सामाजिक बुराइयों से निजात मिल जाती। जनसंपर्क विभाग की साइट पर अभी कुछ समय पहले एक प्रेस विज्ञप्ति पर नज़र पड़ी, जिसमें बताया गया है कि सरकार ने पानी बचाओ अभियान में गोष्ठी, परिचर्चा, कार्यशाला, सेमिनार और रैली जैसे आयोजनों के ज़रिये जनजागरुकता लाने पर महज़ तीन सालों में करीब नौ सौ तेरह करोड़ रुपये पानी की तरह बहा दिये। पानी के मामले में प्रदेश के हालात पर अब कुछ भी कहना-सुनना बेमानी है। वैसे भी देखने में आया है कि जिस भी मुद्दे पर सरकारी तंत्र का नज़रे-करम हुआ, उसकी नियति तो स्वयं विधाता भी नहीं बदल सकते। कहते हैं,जहँ-जहँ पैर पड़े संतन के,तहँ-तहँ बँटाढ़ार।

कुछ साल पहले बीजेपी के एक वरिष्ठ नेता ने पार्टी से मोहभंग की स्थिति में इस्तीफ़ा देते वक्त पत्र लिखकर आरोप लगाया था कि बीजेपी को अब टेंट-तंबू वाले चला रहे हैं। मध्यप्रदेश में यह बात शब्दशः साबित हो रही है। सरकारी आयोजनों का लाभ जनता को कितना मिल पा रहा है, यह तो जगज़ाहिर है। मगर मुख्यमंत्री की उत्सवधर्मिता से कुछ चुनिंदा व्यवसायों से जुड़े लोगों की पौ-बारह है। राजनीतिक टोटकों और शिगूफ़ेबाज़ी से जनता को लम्बे समय तक भरमाये रखने का अगर कोई खिताब हो तो देश में बेशक शिवराजसिंह चौहान इसके एकमात्र और निर्विवाद दावेदार साबित होंगे।

उत्सवधर्मिता निभाने में सूबे के शाहखर्च मुखिया किसी से कमतर नहीं हैं। सत्ता सम्हालने के बाद से ही प्रदेश में जश्न का कोई ना कोई बहाना जुट ही जाता है। पहले महापंचायतों का दौर चला, इसके बाद इन्वेस्टर्स मीट के बहाने जश्न मनाये गये। यात्राओं और मंत्रियों को कॉर्पोरेट कल्चर से वाकिफ़ कराने के नाम पर भी जनता के पैसे में खूब आग लगाई गई। फ़िर बारी आई मुख्यमंत्री निवास में करवा चौथ, होली, दीवाली, रक्षाबंधन, ईद, रोज़ा इफ़्तार, क्रिसमस त्योहार मनाने की। जनता के खर्च पर धार्मिक आयोजनों के ज़रिये पुण्य लाभ अपने खाते में डालने का सिलसिला भी खूब चला। “आओ बनाये अपना मध्यप्रदेश” जैसी शिगूफ़ेबाज़ी से भरपायी सरकार ने “स्वर्णिम मध्यप्रदेश“ का नारा ज़ोर शोर से बुलंद किया। पिछले दो सालों में प्रदेश स्वर्णिम बन सका या नहीं इसकी गवाही सड़कों के गड्ढ़ों, बिजली की किल्लत, बढ़ते अपराधों और किसानो की खुदकुशी के आँकड़ों से बेहतर भला कौन दे सकेगा ?

मगर इतना तो तय है कि इस राजनीतिक स्टंट से नेताओं, ठेकेदारों, माफ़ियाओं, दलालों, उद्योगपतियों और मीडिया से जुड़े चंद लोगों की तिजोरियाँ सोने की सिल्लियों से ज़रुर “फ़ुल“ हो गईं हैं। इसी तरह सत्ता पर येनकेन प्रकारेण पाँच साल काबिज़ रहने में कामयाब रहे शिवराजसिंह चौहान और जेब कटी जनता की। मुख्यमंत्री पद पर पाँच साल पूरे होने की खुशी में पिछले साल करीब चार करोड़ रुपये खर्च कर गौरव दिवस समारोह मनाया गया। संगठन के मुखिया प्रभात झा की कुर्सी प्राप्ति का सालाना जश्न भी मुख्यमंत्री निवास में धूमधाम से मना।

प्रदेश में एक के बाद एक आयोजनों का सिलसिला थमने का नाम ही नहीं लेता। मालूम होता है मध्यप्रदेश के स्थापना दिवस समारोह की रंगीनियाँ जल्दी ही बेटी बचाओ अभियान को पीछे छोड़ देंगी। अब तक रावण वध से लेकर दीपावली की शुभकामना संदेशों तक हर मौके पर बेटी बचाने का संदेश प्रसारित करने में व्यस्त मुख्यमंत्री जी जल्दी ही मध्यप्रदेश बनाओ अभियान के लिये जनता का आह्वान करते नज़र आयेंगे। उनके इस बर्ताव को देखकर बस इतना ही कहना मुनासिब होगा-आधी छोड़ पूरी को ध्यावै आधी मिले ना पूरी पावै।

बहरहाल खबर है कि भोपाल में होने वाले मुख्य समारोह में बीजेपी सांसद हेमा मालिनी की नृत्य नाटिका और आशा भोंसले के नग़्मे जश्न में चार चाँद लायेंगे । वहीं लेज़र शो आयोजन का खास आकर्षण होगा। हर जश्न में लेज़र शो की प्रस्तुति का नया ट्रेंड भी शोध का विषय है। आजकल हर सरकारी समारोह में लेज़र शो और आतिशबाज़ी का भव्य प्रदर्शन सोचने पर मजबूर करता है कि आखिर इन दोनों कारोबारों के साथ ही इवेंट मैनेजमेंट में किन बड़े भाजपा नेताओं का पैसा लगा है ? सवाल लाज़मी है कि कर्मचारियों को वेतन-भत्ते या जनता को करों में रियायत देकर महँगाई पर अँकुश लगाने के मुद्दे पर हाथ खींचने वाली राज्य सरकार आखिर इन जश्नों पर पैसा पानी की तरह क्यों बहा रही है ?

फ़िज़ूलखर्ची का आलम ये है कि समारोह को भव्य बनाने के लिये चार लाख निमंत्रण पत्र छपवाए गये हैं, जबकि आयोजन स्थल लाल परेड ग्राउंड में एक लाख लोग भी बमुश्किल समा पायेंगे। माले मुफ़्त दिले बेरहम की तर्ज़ पर सरकार ने चार लाख कार्डों की छपाई पर चालीस लाख रुपये खर्च किये हैं। अमूमन सरकारी आयोजनों में लोगों की दिलचस्पी कम ही होती है। शाहखर्ची को जस्टिफ़ाय करने के लिये लोगों को घर-घर जाकर निहोरे खा-खा कर समारोह में आमंत्रित किया जा रहा है। बदहाल और फ़टेहाल प्रदेश की छप्पनवीं सालगिरह पर संस्कृति विभाग तीन करोड़ रुपए खर्च करने का इरादा रखता है। इनमें से दो करोड़ रुपये की होली भोपाल के मुख्य समारोह में जलाई जायेगी । संस्कृति विभाग में एक तृतीय श्रेणी की हैसियत रखने वाले व्यक्ति को तमाम नियम कायदों के विपरीत जाकर संचालक पद से नवाज़ा गया है। अपनी अदभुत जुगाड़ क्षमता और संघ को साधने में महारत के चलते एक गैर आईएएस व्यक्ति एक साथ संस्कृति संचालक,वन्या प्रकाशन और स्वराज संस्थान प्रमुख जैसे अहम पदों पर काबिज़ है। सरकारी खज़ाने में सेंध लगाने के आये दिन नायाब नुस्खे ढ़ूँढ़ लाने में माहिर यह अफ़सर सरकार और संघ की आँखों का तारा बना हुआ है।

पूरे प्रदेश में वन, खनन, शिक्षा, ज़मीन की बँदरबाँट और पर्यटन को बढ़ावा देने के नाम पर ऎतिहासिक धरोहरों की लूटखसोट मची है। ऎसे हालात में चारों तरफ़ जश्न के माहौल को देखकर रोम में बाँसुरी बजाते नीरो को याद करने की बजाय मगध में घनानंद के राजकाज की यादें ताज़ा होना स्वाभाविक ही है। ऎसे घटाटोप में चाणक्य और चंन्द्रगुप्त के अवतरण का बस इंतज़ार ही किया जा सकता है।

Thursday, October 27, 2011

MP maintains its position as rape capital of India

I had reported last year how MP topped the nation in number of rapes

this year again we have got laurels

kudos to our home minister and police...

I saw Bhopal IG when Shehla Masood murder was in news, he was defending police not looking at call details saying first you investigate the place of incidence..later it was found there was material in car itself which MP police ignored and her mobile was used to make calls also after police came to location

clearly these gentlemen have forgot everything they were taught in police training and no surprise that MP has got 1st rank in rape

other day when a 11 year old girl was brought to hospital after being tortured by her family member a lady polic constable asked her to hush everything else her parents will be jailed and kid kept on insisting that she fell down while she clearly had burn marks....

Keep it up MP Police

Friday, October 14, 2011

Laurels for Indore and Indore Municipal Corporation : Indore ranks 5th in most polluted city

So our worthy mandarins in IMC who object when a judge tries to set things in order, all leaders who are always busy in bhandaras, jagaran and making cement roads apart from protecting polluting buses and auto, all denizen who are blocking brts and other efforts of urban transport need to be congratulated for this stupendous achievement

and credit should also go to Mr Kailash Vijayvargiya who is responsible for all this progress made by Indore


Jhabua not backward?

At least central government and local mandarin tend to think so..in backward region grant of 25 crore per district , all districts of western MP i.e. Jhabua, Dhar, Khargone, Alirajpur etc have been left out

And this is happening when Mr Bhuria was cabinet minister and now state congress president

Sixty Tribal and Backward districts in 9 states to get Central Grant under IAP

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has issued a Central Grant of Rs. 1500 crore to 60 selected Tribal and Backward districts of 9 states during the current financial year (2010-11) under the Integrated Action Plan (IAP) of these districts. The amount of Grant is Rs. 25 crore per district and is being given under the Development Grant Component of Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) to the concerned States.

The States and the districts are:

Andhra Pradesh (2) Adilabad, Khammam

Bihar (7) Arwal, Aurangabad, Gaya, Jamui, Jehanabad, Nawada and Rohtas

Chhattisgarh (10) Bastar, Bijapur, Dantewada, Jashpur, Kanker, Kawardha, Koriya, Narayanpur, Rajnandgaon and Sarguja

Jharkhand (14) Bokaro, Chatra, Garhwa, Gumla, Hazaribagh, Kodarma, Latehar, Lohardaga, Paschim Singhbhum, Palamu, Purbi Singhbhum, Ramgarh, Saraikela and Simdega

Madhya Pradesh (8) Anuppur, Balaghat, Dindori, Mandla, Seoni, Shahdol, Sidhi and Umaria,

Maharashtra (2) Gadchiroli, Gondiya,

Orissa (15) Bolangir, Debagarh/Deogarh, Gajapati, Kalahandi, Kandhamal/Phulbani, Kendujhar/Keonjhar, Koraput, Malkangiri, Mayurbhanj, Nabarangapur, Nuapada, Rayagada, Sambalpur, Sonapur and Sundargarh

Uttar Pradesh (1) Sonbhadra

West Bengal (1) Paschim Medinipur

The Integrated Action Plan (IAP) has been commenced after an approval by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) in November, 2010 with the objective of giving a fillip to development schemes in tribal and backward regions, mostly affected by Naxal violence. It is aimed at quick resolution of problems concerning healthcare, drinking water, education and roads.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anti Muslim bias of administartion in Indore

With heavy heart one has to say that Indore administration does not seem to have learnt any lesson from riots 2 years back or terrorists of SIMI emanating from Indore

As IDA and other government bodies were busy developing real estata and pet project of minister i.e. MR 10 they never bothered about industrial development of Indore

On its own Inodre people had a vibrant leather and fireworks industry and a separate business park could be made for it - it was not made

There are myriad regulatory bodies. They should have seen that this business is not being done in residential areas - it was never done (bribes were exchanged)

Now after a freak accident which killed 7 people , they are doing this drama of sealing & raiding shops and cancelling licenses

A few things stand out

1. no compensation seems to have been announced for rau blast victims (all were muslims)
2. Newspapers are reporting names of only muslim shopkeepers
3. apparently local MLA of BJP did not get thier vote , so on the one hand they reach to protect every illegal encroachment even of a pawn shop..here when employment of so many people is in danger his gem is "people never asked for a business cluster, so it is theri fault and hence all shops are to be removed"

First these elected representatives do not let business floursih
then they do not provide modicum of facilities to citizens instead divert tax money to their pet projects

and if anything untowered happens was h off hands

and that too with a communal bent of mind.....

Pity my beloved city

similar attitude of hands off was visible in live burning of bus passengers

MP high court on wrong foot..again

This article from Business Standard details how judeges arm twisted railways into chnagin timings and coaches of Indore Gwalior intercity because they use it...
Did they ever bother about buses in Indore???

This city once had an enlightened ruler like Devi Ahlya who punished his own son for lapses...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What to do with property of corrupt

In Bihar they have turned this mansion of a corrupt bureaucrat into government school...

Can't we do similar thing in MP?

maybe start with Rajesh Rajora and Mr & Mrs Joshi...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Terrorism in Indore

So if you have police force whose inspectors are more interested in making mms and striking deals with thieves not to mention do bidding of their political masters, this is what you get

The Madhya Pradesh Police recently busted a self-organised terror module comprising ex-SIMI members who were planning to attack the judges of the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court who had delivered the Ayodhya verdict last year. As many as eight suspects, four each from Jabalpur and Bhopal, were arrested this June. Their alleged confessions before the police make a chilling read.

The leader of the group, Abu Faizal Khan, 28, was born at Hansapur village in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He was the eldest among five siblings and had four sisters. In the late 1980s, his father migrated to Mumbai and settled at Andheri where he set up a medical shop. After completion of intermediate, Abu Faizal joined a BHMS course at Gujarati Samaj College, Indore, MP, in 2003. There he came into contact with a SIMI member named Irfan Chipa, who motivated him to become an active member of the radical outfit. In 2001, SIMI was banned.

Abu Faizal was first arrested in 2006 along with Chipa and six others on charge of an illegal assembly at Wadi, Indore and spent one-and-a-half months in jail. According to the police, after release, Faizal established contact with top SIMI leaders Rayees Khan, Kamruddin Nagori and Safdar Nagori of a breakaway radical faction within SIMI. Thereafter he participated in several meetings and training camps organised by the Nagori faction from 2007. After the arrest of Nagori along with many cadres at Indore in 2008, he became the self-declared leader of SIMI in MP and started regrouping the members.

He motivated about a dozen other Muslim youth to join him in the cause of jihad. To raise finance for their proposed operations, they carried out a string of bank robberies and dacoity. They believed that mobilising funds for jihad by indulging in criminal activities was approved in the path of jihad as ‘Maal-e-Ghanimath’. Together they allegedly committed the following offences in Madhya Pradesh:

1. Looted a cash bag from a businessman at Khandwa in February 2009

2. Robbery at Narmada Grameen Bank, Dewas, in 2009

3. Robbery at Bank of India, Dewas, in May 2009

4. Killing of ATS constable Sitaram Yadav and two civilians at Khandwa in 2009

5. Robbery at Canara Bank, Itarsi, in February 2010

6. Robbery at Punjab National Bank, Ratlam, in March 2010

7. Robbery at State Bank of India, Mandsour, in May 2010

8. Robbery at Manappuram Gold Finance, Bhopal, in September 2010

9. Firing on VHP leader Bherulal Tong at Nagda, Ujjain, in May 2011

Astonishingly, Abu Faizal allegedly told the police that he along with his accomplices — Mujeeb Sheikh, Iqrar Sheikh and Ejazuddin — were preparing to go to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and wage jihad against the US-led forces. After Afghanistan, they intended to wage jihad against forces within Pakistan, who they believed were supporting the US, who according to them was the foremost enemy of Islam. The MP Police claimed that Abu Faizal had been desperately trying to establish contacts with the Taliban and LeT. But before heading for the AfPak region, the group wanted to kill the judges who delivered the Ayodhya verdict. Until the group was busted, they had not managed to establish any kind of contact with Pakistan- based terror outfits. Their confessions, if true, show the growing alienation among a section of the Muslim youth in India.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indore Police : Two inspectors in Jail in 7 days

People of Indore always take pride in calling their city mini bombay. I do not know about industries but in terms of corruption by political class and officialdom it has perhaps left Bombay behind and now comes the turn of police.
In last 7 days two police ASIs have been arrested and not even charged o graft or negligence but proper criminal cases.
One shudders at the thought of approaching a body which harbors such people for redressal of any grievance.

1. First fellow caught a thief recovered booty and then divided it amongst himself and thief and then let him go away. This thief was caught later due to some chance conversation only. Most reprehensible part is that many police officials were against arresting this bloke for fear of "morale". I do not know what is the definition of "morale" for these worthies.

2. This case is downright criminal. ASI kidnaps a girl makes her video and blackmails her. Only because the girl happened to be relative of an MLA she was able to muster courage for action.

Sometimes one thinkg that taliban type theocracy or monarchy of old days would be much better than present dispensation in which we are forced to live.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shehla Masood: RIP

Did not have a chance to meet her or know much about her work but sheer fact that some official thought it fit to murder her underscores imapct of work being done by her...

I am die hard BJP supporter and always used to wonder why pseudo secular media keeps on comparing Taliban and BJP but BJP is slwaly turning MP into Taliban.
Minsiters (including Don of Indore) are neck deep in corruption , Lokayukta is in cahoots with govenrment, no industry is coming in state and public has been opiated by religion...

RIP peaceful and corruption free MP also....

Madhya Pradesh in RajySabha

Just went to Rajya Sabha website to see members of Lokpal committee and happened to see how MP is represented by our parliamentarians

Anil Dave - 160 question and 2 special mention in almost 1 year of membership
Meghraj Jain - no pariticpation whatsoever ( why has he been made member??)
Prabhat jha - 606 question and 13 special mention in 3 years (plus introduced 6 bills)
narayn Singh kesari - 17 questions & 4 assurances in 5 years (poor performance)
Dr Chandan Mitra -14 question , 2 assurance and 1 special mention (one year)
Dr VijayLakshmi sadho - Mum till now no question (1 year spent already)
Raghunanadan Sharma - 209 questions, 8 assurances, 2 special mentions (3 years half term finished)
Maya Singh - 803 questions, 47 assurances, 22 special mention and 4 bills ( in 3 years must say most active member)
kaptan Singh solanki - 237 questions, 8 assurances and 6 special mention ( 2 years ..impressive)
Anusiya Uike - 391 question, 25 assurances, 40 special mentions (5 years good performance)
VIkram Verma - 10 question and 2 assurances (5 years..almost sleeping it means)

A quick analysis shows that people who have gone from organisation i.e. Kaptan Singh solanki, anil dave and Prabhat Jha have been proactive in taking part in discussion and deriving info from government.
two members i.e. Chandan Mitra and Maya Singh are from out of state and Chandan Mitra has been lethargic.

But performance of people like Vikram Verma (one time serious contender for MP CM post), Vijaylakshmi sadho (Her dad was also politician and she is a doctor...should not she take more interest?), Narayan Singh Kesari and Meghraj Jain have been deplorable and this people are just enjoying perks and allowances without bothering to highlight issues impacting people.

Public should make sure that such non performers are eliminated from public life once their current term ends.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Madhya Pradesh again gets an old man as governor

Since Ramprakash Gupta was made governor by NDA , MP has been given real old men as governor by successive government.
All these gentlement who would have been active in prime of their age, only take health rest in MP raj bhawan and government of the day become free of any oversight..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

S Kumars Mukul Kasliwal Digivijay Singh and Maheswar Dam

6 June 2011 - On March 16th this year, Jairam Ramesh, the Union Minister of Environment and Forests released a report on water conflicts and underlined three incidents in his speech. One of the three confict situations was a controversial hydropower dam whose construction was stayed when his ministry issued stop work orders last year.

The minister reiterated that he was compelled to stay the construction since the pari passu rehabilitation, which was one of the conditions attached to clearance, had not taken place and construction outpaced rehabilitation by leaps and bounds.

Less than two months later, he reversed his earlier decision by lifting the stop work order. He posted the decision bearing his signature promptly on the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) website). It mentioned a series of review meetings convened by Prime Minister's office and the correspondence from the ex-chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh.

What happened?

Unconstitutional mediation

Welcome to the wonderland Manmohan Singh, the PM who is allowing the PMO to become an office of mediation that entertains the grievances of corporates which cite personal hurt more than any legally and constitutionally valid arguments.

In early nineties, quizmasters often asked students to 'name the hydropower project which was scrapped when Prime Minister of India decided that the biodiversity rich rainforests of Kerala cannot be sacrificed at the altar of development'. In doing so they hoped that the environmental consciousness of a Prime Minister would register in young minds and stay there for a long time to come.

However, quizmasters today have more reasons to ask this: name the unviable hydropower project which was allowed to go on despite complete failure of rehabilitation and resettlement and a maze of financial irregularities, because the Prime Minister decided to play a role of an office of mediation.

Answer: The 400 MW Maheshwar Hydro-electric Project in Madhya Pradesh. Consider the plain facts.

By the end of 2009, the S Kumars' company Shree Maheshwar Hydel Power Corporation Limited (SMHPCL) which owns the private sector Maheshwar Project in the Narmada valley had completed over 80% of the project work. However, not even 3% of the affected people had been rehabilitated and resettled by that date. No one had been provided agricultural land at all. The oustees were repeatedly questioning the governments on the continuing construction of the dam without rehabilitation and resettlement (R&R). Yet, there was a total silence about violations.

In October 2009, Jairam Ramesh wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh expressing his grave apprehension that oustees of the Maheshwar project would be left in the lurch without R&R. In November 2009, the Madhya Pradesh CM replied confirming that not more than 3% of the R&R measures had been completed. In this light, on the 17th February 2010, the MOEF issued a show cause notice under Section 5 of the Environment Protection Act to the company. After receiving their reply, on 23rd April 2010, the MoEF issued a direction to stop the ongoing construction.

As soon as the process for enforcing rules regarding protection of the oustees began, political lobbyists became busy on behalf of the company. In March 2010, Congress leader Digvijay Singh met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and briefed him about the project. He wrote to the PM to “kindly intervene in the matter and prevail upon the Environment Ministry to withdraw their order of work suspension order, and allow the project to be completed at the earliest.”

On December 9th 2010, the S Kumars represented by their head Mukul Kasliwal had written an urgent letter to Digvijay Singh. Digvijay Singh readily wrote a letter on the lines suggested by Kasliwal to the PM within just four days. Singh also reminded the PM in his letter that the project had been re-started in 2005 and the public financing of the project had been achieved in 2007, on the intervention of the PM.

It must also be remembered that exactly a year before this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan had written to Jairam Ramesh promising: “In any case submergence would not take place and gates would not be lowered without prior consent of MoEF”.

What the Prime Minister 'did not know'

However, what Digvijay forgot to tell the Prime Minister is that it was during his regime as Madhya Pradesh CM, that the Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (MPSIDC) gave Rs.44.75 crores to the S Kumars companies, in excess of the legally allowable limit of Rs.3 crores, and without proper securities. However, after having obtained the loan, the S Kumars defaulted on the repayment, or even to reply to the notices of the MPSIDC, despite being in profits.

Cases were filed by the Economic Offences Wing of the State government against Mukul Kasliwal, under charges of criminal conspiracy, cheating and fraud under Sections 420, 467, 120B of the IPC. The Comptroller and Auditor General severely censured this in 1999 report. When the S Kumars refused to pay back, in September 2001, the MPSIDC declared the S Kumars company - Induj Enertech alias Entegra as a willful defaulter, and took over the Maheshwar dam site lands and properties belonging to the S Kumars, thus bringing the work on the project to a complete halt for five years from 2001 up to November 2005.

In July 2004, in order to take back their dam properties, the S Kumars agreed to a settlement with the MPSIDC. However, a few months and a few payments later, they reneged on the settlement. Again, in its 2005 report, the CAG pointed out that the MPSIDC sacrificed Rs.26 crores of public money in making the settlement with the S Kumars, and withdrew their revenue recovery proceedings. However, after the obtaining the settlement, the S Kumars did not honor it.

Digvijay Singh's letter to the Prime Minister dated May 03, 2010 (accessed from the PMO under RTI by the Narmada Bachao Andolan)

"Prior to meeting with you in March, I had been speaking to Shri Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests. I first spoke to him over the phone on the late evening on 16th February 2010, when I learnt that he is issuing a show cause notice for stopping the work. Despite assuring me that he will not do such a thing, he went ahead and issued a notice on 17th February 2010. The notice was replied to by the Project Company on 9th April 2010 and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh took a meeting in Bhopal on 20th April 2010 to expedite the R&R works.

As this had been brought to my knowledge, I mentioned this to Shri Jairam Ramesh on Thursday, 22nd April 2010 at 10.30 am when he came to see me at the AICC office. At that time he assured me that he would call all the parties concerned for a meeting on Wednesday, 28th April 2010 to resolve the matter. Surprisingly and contrary to the same, he issued a direction on the very next day, i.e. Friday 23rd April, 2010 evening to suspend the work immediately and circulated it to the media through the NBA activists… I would have spoken to Shri Jairam Ramesh and requested reversal of the order but he is neither returning my calls nor answering my e-mails."

It was despite this track record, that in 2005, the public sector Power Finance Corporation was pressured to inject public funds into the project. That S Kumars was MPSIDC's single largest defaulter did not matter. The state government agreed to give a counter-guarantee to a guarantee to be issued by the Power Finance Corporation subject to the condition that the S Kumar’s would enter into a one-time settlement of its outstanding dues towards the MPSIDC.

On 16th September 2005, the S Kumars signed a settlement with the MPSIDC by issuing post dated cheques amounting to Rs.55 crores, collected the settlement certificate from the MPSIDC, and the counter-guarantee from the GoMP. However, when the cheques were presented at the bank by the MPSIDC, they bounced and the bank wrote back saying that the company’s account had been closed. The MPSIDC has filed 20 cases against the bouncing of cheques, under Section 420, as well as under Sections 138 and 141 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. A few weeks back Madhya Pradesh assembly saw uproar when Congress MLAs asked questions on the MPSIDC scam and the state government’s decision to grant counter guarantee to the Maheshwar Project.

In the 20 cases filed by the MPSIDC against the Induj Enertech Limited alias Entegra since 2006 to 2009, bailable warrants have been issued against directors Mukul Kasliwal and Warij Kasliwal. But further hearing has been obstructed by their non-appearance.

Served notices have come back with the statement that the gentlemen in question have gone to London.

• Build, sell, approvals later
• More self goals by PFC
What Digvijay Singh also forgot to tell the Prime Minister was that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG had already indicted the PFC for having irregularly disbursed Rs.99.32 crores to the Maheshwar Project despite the non-fulfillment of pre-disbursement conditions. Yet, it is the PFC once again, which was bled, even after 2005, in order to benefit the S Kumars, despite the fact that it was the PFC’s largest defaulter.

What Digvijay Singh also forgot to tell the Prime Minister was that at the same time the public financial institutions had placed an embargo on public lending to the Maheshwar project because the S.Kumars had diverted Rs.106.4 crores of project funds to its group companies and other persons who had no contracts for the project. In March 2000, the lead institution for Maheshwar Project – the IFCI stipulated that no further monies would be disbursed to the Maheshwar project until the entire Rs.106.4 crores was brought back with interest.

Placing of public funds from public financial institutions into this project whose promoters are willful defaulters, and have charges of fraud, cheating and other serious financial charges against them is prohibited by the RBI.

There's more. The project lands and properties purchased by the S Kumars from the state government and its agencies in 1992, are yet to be paid for. And despite repeated censure by the CAG, in 2007, without any payment, the state government mutated the dam site lands in the name of the S Kumars, which were then mortgaged by the S Kumars to third parties. In the backdrop of admitted failture to resettle project oustees and massive financial irregularities, a stop order issued by the environment minister should have stayed on. Instead, "a series of review meetings convened by Prime Minister's office" ended it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bank robberry and SIMI

Police has been successful in tracking many bank robberies to SIMI's attempt to garner money for its activities.
If that is true it is a dangerous trend, because money transferred from across the border can at least be tracked by central intelligence agencies but given the inaptness and corruption in local police it is doubtful that will they ever be able to solve any bank robbery which is done with motive of terror financing. It takes them years to solve even simple robberies by done by some local goons....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TCS in Indore....a quid pro quo

huge hullabaloo has been created over this...there are some pertinent issues

1.Why TCS needs separate land..why not rent space in crystal IT park?

2. Has not TCS been awarded IT contratcts worth 100s of crores by state government in recent past ?

3. Has not TCS been bleeding commercial tax department in Indore by its faulty software?

4. Is it result of some turf war going on between two secretaries in CM office one of whom is housing and environment secretary while other is IT secretary.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Malwa Utsav -Blast from past

This is best example of how BJP is doing all things for which one would fault congress.
Yes congress is guilty of promoting communism inspired discourse on culture and in process many people made money and now similar stories surfaced from Indore when it was found that Shankar Lalwani was fleecing artists in name of Malwa Utsav at the expense of public money while getting all political mileage and propaganda for himself actually how can municipal corporation of Indore sponsor an even which is being organized by a trust which is owned by its own president , a clear case of conflict of interest and as they say not illegal but immoral act.

Surprisingly even when this thing started it was apparent that its motive was different as would be apparent from my post on the topic.

People who make indore proud 1 - Sneha Khanwilkar

just adding to this old post

her new movie gangs of wasseypur has set box office on firs and her songs have been well received by public.
her penchant to find new sounds from interiors of india has served her well

some of her videos

the famed womaniya

keep it up ....

I liked the movie oye luck luck oye and liked its music even more but never knew that it was composed by only fourth female music director in India and that too a woman and that too from indore

i.e. Sneha Khanwilkar
from tehlaka

IN THE winter of 2008, a Bengali man and a Marathi girl brought us infectious music straight from the heart of Punjab and Haryana — a pleasant surprise after a decade of simplified trash passed off as popular Punjabi music. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye’s music was fresh and startling. Its 24-year-old composer (now in the company of Jaggat Bai and Usha Khanna) was Bollywood’s third ever woman composer. She finds that fact peculiar. Peculiar, because she thinks the industry is perfect for women. “I’m still to record with a female musician”, she notes, surprised.

Sneha Khanwalkar, Oye Lucky’s music composer had been sent from Indore to Mumbai to get into engineering college but she knew at 18 that she wanted to be in the movie business. “My mother’s family had musicians from the Gwalior gharana so I learnt music at a very young age. We were asked to perform at every family function so I went through a short period of being anti-music. But I loved movies. Everyday, on my way to school in the bus, I’d play the Rangeela theme in my head. I would dream of arriving at school in a helicopter, wearing an outfit like Urmila’s. After I decided to compose music, I didn’t tell my folks. I had changed my mind so many times.”

When she heard that Dibakar Banerjee, the director of Khosla Ka Ghosla, was looking for a music composer, she pestered him until he agreed to meet her and explain his brief. She made up her mind that she was going to find a radically new sound which would be relevant to the movie by travelling into rural North India. But just before she set off she had her heart broken. “One moment I’d be down in the dumps and the next I’d be completely overwhelmed by all the great music I was discovering.” Such as the folk music of Des Raj Lakhani who sang the moving Jugni.

“Everyone I met on the road was very interested in my age and marital plans.” The only girl in a Scorpio full of Jat men, on her way to the Raagini music festival in Haryana, Khanwalkar and her cameraman had serious doubts about what they were doing. “I wasn’t about to quit but I did wish I was invisible when I realised I was the only woman at the festival.”
The only girl in a Scorpio full of Jat
men, on her way to a music festival in Haryana, Sneha wished she was invisible

The soundtrack that Sneha created was deeply layered, desi and modern, repurposing folk for the urban angst of the Punjabi heart of Delhi, talking greed, corruption, isolation — effortlessly mocking all of Bollywood’s previous attempts at romps in the mustard fields.

Though widely praised for her experimentation, Khanwalkar doesn’t wish for the Bollywood peculiarity of song-dance routines to fade away. As she excitedly talks about the industry’s promise to young musicians like her, there’s no room for the ‘struggle’ in her conversation.

Far from her anti-music spell she now looks at everything as a musical project. While rejecting all offers to do Oye Lucky-like soundtracks she has bizarre dreams. “I passed all my viva exams by composing songs out of them!” She is curently thinking of converting history and civics school syllabi into songs for easy listening.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Naxalism in Bastar : 50 year neglect

Princely India was known for its exploitative and oppressive nature but there was a prince who died at Police bullet when protesting for rights of his people . Not at the hand of British Police but our very own India police.

This happened 50 years back when Shri Dwarkaprasad Mishra known as Chankaya was CM of undivided MP and there were no NGOs or concept of human rights.

That day can be said the day when seeds of Naxalism were sown by state neglect and heavy handedness when someone tried to protest


MP no longer tiger state

Now Karnataka has largest number of tigers.
When Sartaj SIngh ( a honest minister after a long time) came to Indore and journalists asked him about this he said many places like (ralamandal - similar to Nandi hills in Bangalore) were missed out.

Dude accept that there has been a goof up , don't make laughable excuses.

Despite a 12 per cent rise in the population of big cats in the country, Madhya Pradesh popularly known as the ‘Tiger State’ witnessed a decline in their numbers resulting in loss of this coveted status to Karnataka, according to the latest tiger census report.

The big cat population has dropped to 257 in the latest tiger census from 300 tigers in 2006 in Madhya Pradesh.

“The decline in the tiger population in the State is mainly due to the loss of 24 tigers allegedly due to poaching in Panna tiger reserve which had as many striped animals in the year 2006,” a forest official told PTI today.

Efforts are underway to revive the big cat population in Panna. Three tigresses and a tiger had been translocated to it from others parks since last year and the exercise has seemed to pay off with two felines giving birth to five cubs last year.

The famous Kanha Tiger Reserve too had lost more than 25 tigers. In 2006, it had 89 tigers which had now dipped to 60, according to the latest census, he said.

Reports regarding tigers’ deaths had been trickling in from Kanha for more than two years. Forest officials contend that it was mainly due to territorial fights among them.

The 2006 tiger census report had recommended the State government that Kanha buffer zone needs to be extended South - West to increase the big cat habitat. This was implemented in toto, officials said.

Now, Karnataka has witnessed an increase of 10 tigers taking its big cat population to 300, according to the recent All India Tiger Estimation Exercise for 2010.

And MP, which is unhappy having lost the ‘tiger State’ tag, has shot off a letter to the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), in this regard.

“I am of view that the tiger population was more than what has come out in the latest big cat census given that we too have an internal mechanism to monitor striped animals, Principal Chief Conservator (Wildlife) H S Pabla said.

“Something has gone amiss. We have sent a letter requesting the WII to check their data base,” he said.

To press his point, Mr. Pabla said that there were 424 beats (areas having big cat) to monitor the tiger population in the state in 2006 which has risen to 495 now.

“This shows that there has been an increase in the tiger population in the State,” he added.

“The latest census report that the tiger population has gone down in Kanha too doesn’t appear to be correct as we send monthly reports to National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) on the number of tigers in the reserve,” Mr. Pabla said.

He said that their five reserves including Kanha were ranked high among the best managed reserves in the country.

The last tiger census report released on March 28 said that the stripped animal population has risen to 1,707 from 1,411 in 2006.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

MP falls on Economic freedom index : No longer an investment friendly state??

This report shows that while in 2005 MP was ranked 2nd in 2009 it slipped to 6th. Despite the fact that it is second term of a government with even most of local bodies being under BJP control there is little political explanation for same.

Report says States with higher levels of economic freedom tended to perform
better across a range of economic variables. They also had higher levels of
in-migration, while states with the least economic freedom had higher
levels of out-migration.

SO true MP sees large scale outward migration of labour, be it workers from bundelkhand going to Punjab, from Dhar Jhabua to work in slate mines in Gujarat or educated youth from Indore Bhopal to Pune Gurgaon as so called "chanakya" of Indore politics who happen to be IT and industry minister of state has got his priorities set on capturing power and real estate and not on bringing industries into state.

On factor like size of government MP has fell from 14th to 17th rank clearly indicating increase in size of government faster than increase in FDI

A minor scam in Indore municipal corporation

After having a murder accused as chairperson for months,
paying crores to a private company for removing mud and earth instead of trash & waste
& distributing pension to ghosts and that to why shady cooperative banks
now IMC has surpassed its reputation in not closing accounts on 31st March so that contractor bills and claims can be accepted and entered on back date...

Basic organizational structure and check and balance are not working and all financial norms have been thrown into air.

Despite their all ills congressmen of Indore should be commended to discover this and bring it to public notice.

District with lowest literacy in India : Alirajpur

Provisional census results indicate that district with lowest literacy (37.22%) in India is not some hilly district or Bihar or UP district but Alirajpur in MP.


Despite the fact that DileepSingh Bhuria was long time chairman of national ST commission and Kantilala Bhuria is minister of ST in centre since last 8 years.

Is shivrajsing government aware of this shameful statistics?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wish I was kid again

just saw this news item


this is such a laudable step.
10 years back when I was writing these exams there was complete opacity , even your application for revaluation were limited to re totaling of marks and not revalaution and there was no way of knowing where you have been on wrong side of luck in your examiner giving average marks to students.

I was school topper throughout with wide margin, cleared NTSE, IIT JEE, CAT etc.
In class X I used to top school and class in all exams but in our final exam in social science 25 students in school got 90/100 (a record of sort..in no other subject such performance was there ..not this year ..never before)..but I got only 77, my closest competitor in class also got 78. In fact there used to be 3 sets of papers and everyone in our set got such marks. In fact we two had highest in our set.

Clearly we had been checked by some foolish checker and other set of people who claimed to have left 20-30 marks but ended up getting 90 had been checked by someone even fooler.

just to mention in the same exam I got 100 in math, 99 in science and all these set of 90 scorer got 80-50 marks -- commensurate with what they would have written.

I still wish to find those two gentlemen and ask them do you realise your laziness or negligence has cost so many things to so many people in life...?

now this cost me merit position
first rank in school
but more importantly years later when I was at IIM this potentially cost me my IIMA seat and some crucial company shortlists...

Hope now onwards no one will be treated in such a way by fate, mp board of secondary education, checkers and bureaucrats.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuclear power plant in MP on earthquake prone site : Bargi dam

After nuclear incident in Japan questions are being raised about safety of proposed nuclear plant in India and as always everyone tends to forget MP which incidently had world's largest industrial disaster in shape of Bhopal gas kand.

this, this (with objections by MoEF)mention about bargi, this one names a village called chutka as site.

Interstingly rehabilitation of people due to Bargi dam itself is not complete.
Asian Human rights has a detailed report here.

In 1999 after the earthquake an observatory was established here to monitor seismic activities.

2000 earthquake in Jabalpur was widely blamed on this dam. Till last year citizens like me were paying a jabalpur quake surcharge on sales tax and not to forget this is the area of Narmada rift valley lying between Satpura and Vindhyanchal.

It all appears case of bureaucratic incompetence and laziness like this.
It couldbe tolerated in case of hydel dam as ill effects were not far reaching but only reason for choosing this site appears to be its nearness to HQ of MPEB in Jabalpur thus making life easy for officials or Jabalpur being home district of power minister in state cabinet.

Brace yourself for another Bhopal.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indore pharma company behind Jodhpur hospital deaths

name of Parenteral Surgical India Ltd, Indore has been coming in reports.
Interestingly none of local newspapers has tried to locate the company and do some investigation.

Meanwhile when Indore is emerging as pharma hub , there is urgent need for authorities and drug controller to ensure quality level in small pharma units.

Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Arjun Singh

Well you could like him or hate him but could not ignore him. Directly or indirectly he impacted many lives.
e.g. his obstinacy on OBC reservation made CAT results late in 2007 and I had to unnecessarily deposit fee at FMS.
he started trend of giving land to jhuggis in MP but when one sees today at cooperative societies land scam done by politicians one feels that at least poor also got something by this.

did large scale regularisation of untrained teachers in 1985
did bring IIT and IIM to Indore
got Chambal free ofd dacaits

politicized instruments like IDA, BDA and various state bodies doing them irreparable damage

made bhopal a cultural hub

in his later days he was not even capable of winning a seat on his own.

an unashamedly paean singing biography of him was purchased by all central education institutes in his second term as HRD minister.

let his soul rest in peace

Electricty Frnachise in Damoh

Just came across this interesting report on rural electrification. Similar franchise should exist in other places as well.


one interesting thing is all five franchise are "singhs" persumably from dominant castes in village.
Though it is not necessary to always appoint people in caste ration but eastern MP is a backward region and instead of focusing on reservation in jobs , difference at village level is made by these positions of local elite and who occupies them

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rail budget 2011 and indore

the places where indore finds mention

1. mechanized laundry is being established
2. Jabalpur indore intercity thrice a week
3.Indore kota intercity express - so now people can go and study at Bansal classes:P
4.Indore Ajmer extended to Jaipur
5. Indore udaipur becomes daily
6. Survey of fatehabad chandravatiganj connectivity to ratlam indore
7. There is mention of 114 socially desirable projects which will be funded by pradhan mantri rail vikas yojna. Jhabua's train connectivity should come under this. It is pity that kantilala bhuria and dileepsingh bhuria who have been ruling region since ages and have been at high positions at centre also have failed to bring any funds to the region

somehow it is interesting that BJP has always failed to deliver to Indore in railway field.We have BJP MP since last 20 years but did not get anything when BJP was ruling in centre.
on the other hand long pending rajkumar mill ROB was made during third front government in 1997 who never get any seat from region similarly work on dahod and dhar lines have been started by UPA while these areas had BJP MPs.

time to switch loyalties?

Monday, January 24, 2011

health care of tribals in badwani : are we creating ground for maoists?

I have written earlier about khalwa and jhabua..

on the one hand medical council of India is opposing rural health workers , on the other hand this is the condition of health care of people who really want to use government system.

Well when we have joshi couple running health administration in state these things are bound to happen.

This is a public health warning. Do not express concern for the state of healthcare in this country. Do not express anger that women die because they are either denied care or help is delayed when they have complicated pregnancies. Do not demand that healthcare is an entitlement that the poor have a right to demand and that the government must deliver.

Chances are if you are too vocal about an issue like this, and if you happen to be working in an adivasis-dominated district anywhere in India, the district administration will hint that you have Maoist tendencies. And that alone is enough to land you in jail and even, as in the case of Dr. Binayak Sen who has spent a lifetime working as a doctor for the poorest, get you a life sentence for sedition under an antiquated law.

This is no exaggeration. On December 28, 2010, more than 500 adivasis demonstrated peacefully in front of the district hospital in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. They were not demanding wages or forest rights. They were protesting the death of a 22-year-old pregnant adivasi woman, Vypari Bai, caused by callousness and negligence of the medical authorities.

Vypari Bai's story is not unusual. It is enacted hundreds of times in the poorer parts of this country. On November 27, Vypari Bai, who was eight months pregnant, developed high blood pressure and eclampsia, a life-threatening condition of pregnancy. She needed urgent medical help. From her village of Ban, her relatives carried her in a cloth sling for 10 km to the nearest Primary Health Centre at Bokarta. There she was told that the place was not equipped to deal with her condition. So she was sent to the Community Health Centre at Pati by ambulance. There again there was no help and the family was told to take her to the district hospital in Barwani.

Made to run around

The story did not end there. In Barwani, at the time of admission her blood pressure was high. The normal procedure in such situations is to try and normalise the blood pressure and induce labour. Although she was given some medication for the BP, nothing was done to induce labour. Instead, her relatives were asked to take her to a private hospital for an ultrasound in an auto rickshaw even though the facility existed in the hospital. The ultrasound confirmed that the foetus was still alive.

Yet, despite her relatives pleading for help, no doctor was ready to attend to Vypari Bai. Instead, they were advised to take her to Indore, 150 km away. For refusing to do so, they were asked to sign a statement that they took full responsibility for the consequences. By this stage, it would have required a miracle for this young woman to survive. She did not. On November 29, in the early hours of the morning, she died.

Her death has enraged the adivasis in Barwani district who have seen too much of this kind of callous neglect. A survey of maternal deaths in the district hospital from April to November 2010 revealed that there were 25 maternal deaths during this period, nine just in November.

A year earlier, in 2008, in a similar incident, a pregnant woman was turned away from the Primary Health Centre in Menimata in Barwani district when she had already begun labour because she would not pay. She was entitled to free treatment. As a result, she delivered her child literally on the road, outside the hospital. Those who expressed their disgust at this were charged by the district administration under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

On December 28, the district administration once again slapped charges against some of those who demonstrated peacefully in front of the hospital and arrested Bachhiya Bhai on charges framed against him in 2008. He was finally released on bail after eight days. But the charges against him, under Section 146 IPC (unlawful assembly, rioting, armed with deadly weapon which when used is likely to cause death) and Section 186 IPC (obstructing public servant from discharge of public function) remain. Over 200 of those who participated in the December 28 demonstration have also been charged.

We know about Barwani because there is a group there, the Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan that is organising and working in the area. But there must be hundreds of similar stories from around the country.

The response of the district administration is shocking enough. What is worse is that this is happening five years after the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched to check precisely these kinds of incidents, where poor women are made to go from pillar to post for help when they develop complications during pregnancy. Institutional deliveries were seen as a way to bring down the unacceptably high maternal mortality rate. Yet, according to the National Family Health Survey – 3, only 13 per cent of births to the poorest women and 18 per cent of births to women with no education or who belong to the scheduled tribes are delivered in institutions. So no one will argue that increasing access to medical help when women need it most is an urgent need.

Only on paper

This need was supposed to have been addressed by the NRHM. Its guidelines state that every Community Health Centre — that comes between the Primary Health Centre and the District Hospital — is supposed to provide “24-hour delivery services including normal and assisted deliveries” and “Essential and Emergency Obstetric Care including surgical interventions like Caesarean Sections and other medical interventions”. Furthermore, specific districts have been selected in every state where the district hospital is designated as a Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Centre (CEMONC). The Barwani district hospital is designated as such. Yet, despite a staff that includes four gynaecologists and two anaesthetists, no one was available to help Vypari Bai.

The real story of India's progress lies in the detail of how programmes like NRHM are implemented, or not implemented. It is a story that is not told often enough to make us angry. Occasionally, we pay attention to the needs of our children. But women like Vypari Bai, who die because no one cares, remain invisible, the ghosts of another India.

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