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Friday, August 27, 2010

Indore gets raw deal again in BRTS

see this reply given in Loksabha

all other cities have sent plans and are getting significant money per km for BRTS

our babus sitting in IDA, Nagar Nigam and collector office are so incompetent that despite construction of BRTS in highly commercial area of city with high land prices, in an area with black soil where cement roads are a compulsion have put a poor proposal as a result only rajkot is getting less money than us in per km expenditure....

every one else is getting at least 10 crore per km...

despite being first city to plan BRTS we have the smallest corridor planned while other cities are building it for 100s km...a golden chance to build roads at centre's expense missed....

The BRTS projects and financial outlays sanctioned under (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), as reported by Ministry of Urban Development, are –

Total layout – 437.70 km. At Rs. 5023.81 crores (ACA Rs. 2284.187 crores)

Sr No

Name of the City Financial provision/distance

1. Pune -101.77 km. Rs/ 1051 crores

2. Pimpri Chinchwad -42.22 km. Rs. 738.16 crores

3. Indore – 11.45 km. Rs. 98.45 crores

4. Bhopal – 21.71 km. Rs. 237.76 crores

5. Ahmedabad - 88.50 km. Rs. 981.35 crores

6. Rajkot – 29.00 km. Rs. 110.00 crores

7. Surat – 29.90 km. Rs. 469.00 crores

8. Jaipur – 39.45 km. Rs. 479.55 crores

9. Vijaywada - 15.50 km. Rs. 152.64 crores

10 Vizag – 42.80 km. Rs. 452.93 crores

11. Kolkata – 15.50 km. Rs. 252.91 crores

12. Delhi – 14.6 km. (implementing with own funds).


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