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Friday, June 18, 2010

Shivraj Singh Chouhan or Raaj Dwivedi

Question : name the person who can be seen on highest number of posters in the bhopal.

Shivraj singh Chouhan ? NO

Answer is Raaj Dwivedi....one of the highest rank holder JEE from MP (not including bhilai of good old united MP days) in recent memory.

His poster is all pose , waving victory sign, getting bumped by friends, speaking to media etc can be seen on all thoroughfares of Bhopal.

A heartening development indeed because

1.it will inspire many young people to pursue their dreams as it will result in recognition.
2.it show that when market is allowed to work freely real talent is recognised.

1. no girl can be seen in the victory posters..while they top merit list in all exams..are not they career oriented??

2. this much adulation can increase expectations unrealistically as now whole academic life at iit and afterward lies ahead. Many top ranker in JEE during my college days performed just average in academics and went on to pursue normal careers.

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