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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rive Side Corridor

One more millstone is being put around the neck of Indore public , in the same way as BRTS or Narmada water scheme has been.

Sample this news item from central chronicle

The Union Urban Welfare Ministry has sanctioned Rs 90 crore for the Indore River Side Corridor construction under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Cost of this project is Rs 284 crore. The remaining amount of Rs 194 crore will be borne by the Indore Municipal Corporation from its own resources.
Urban Administration and Development Minister Babulal Gaur during his Delhi visit had met Union Urban Welfare Minister Jaipal Reddy in this regard on Friday and had urged him to approve and sanction Rs 142 crore for the Indore Riverside Corridor Project. Gaur urged the Union Urban Welfare Ministry to sanction 50 per cent of the project cost under J N N U R M and under the provisions of the project. Union Urban Development Minister Reddy said that Rs 90 crore of Indore Municipal Corporation is with the department. Therefore, this much amount could be sanctioned. The Indore Municipal Corporation had also requested to sanction funds as per eligibility and had informed that it is ready to spend the remaining amount of Rs 194 crore from its own resources. The River Side Corridor Project is very important for Indore City. After sanctioning the amount it would be easy for the Indore Municipal Corporation to start the work of the Corridor project.
Gaur requested Reddy to sanction in future the remaining amount of 50 per cent of the cost of the project, Rs 52 crore. The Indore Municipal Corporation will start the work of the River Side Corridor Project with the sanctioned amount of Rs 90 crore.

1. 90 crore is not new allocation it is amount sanctioned already and lying with urban development ministry as implementation of projects is tardy here.

2. this is a classic case of top down approach. No environmental impact study has been done for project. Current traffic flow in city is west -east . this will be in transverse direction to it.
Moreover river flow is already constricted. Now it will be more. IMC itslef has made shops and so called Sanjay Setu alongwith river..what will happen to them?

3.Math is horribly wrong. at one place project cost is 284 crore if 90 crore is given now ,50% of rest 97 crore but Gaur has demanded only 50 crore for later work.

Corrupt and incompetent people at IMC will end up imposing new taxes on people if the project gets implemented.

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