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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Keechad main Kamal : कमल पटेल

the pun fits so strong here

actually Kamal Patel can be a case study in current degeneration of Indian politics.

1. started from humble base. actually current crop of all BJP leaders in MP were small time workers at the time of Ramjanmbhoomi Andolan.

2.As soon as he become minister within a few days his son attacked apolitical rival with his friends.
now here case gets interesting as they say even friendship of wicked is harmful & Dugesh jat learned this hard way.
No one was hurt from side of congress leader but this chap who was friend of Kamal Patel's son got injured and died because they could not take him to hospital with bullet marks....

dude if you start something at least have guts to finish it off....

3.As a minister his tenure was inspiration less.

4.there is this news of encroaching on government property

5. comedy of errors start when he went to Jail after CBI inquired into what was an open and shut case. State police had effectively managed to stonewall any investigation into the case.

One could daily read news of him being taken to this hospital to that hospital for check up imaginary illness not to mention even mental disturbance one day.

Finally when he got into jail, all sorts of leaders of BJP kept on coming to pay their obeisance.

lest I forget he is one of those who started their 'public career' in RSS.

so much for probity in public life.
Rather than actual act of attack (it is a crime in itself) I find act of effectively sabotaging investigation for 3-4 years (which means police buckles under pressure easily) , his continuation in cabinet ( which means CM is a weakling) to the kind of drama he was able to create with the help of lawyers, doctors and local leaders of BJP.

His guilt is very obvious but all societal actors are oblivious to it. forget shunning him , they are actively working to help him by any hook or crook to get out of net and these are all respectable doctors, lawyers and leaders in society who can be seen talking about values and ethics on normal days.

so the proverbial 'keechad' or mud is actually our society bereft of any moral values.

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