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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Burka in Indore & Bhopal

amidst all the news of burka ban in European countries we must talk about girls (seemingly modern) willingly wearing burka.

When i was a kid no girl in Indore covered her face walking on road. I did see some girls from bohra community donning colorful burkas but they never covered their faces.It was more a fashionable cloth with varied patterns and colors and textures.

by the time i was in high school scooty and other gear less vehicles had become popular for girls and weather was also becoming hotter progressively , so in hot summer afternoon one could see a few girls using their 'dupattas' or chunnis to cover the mouth. It was under acceptable limit and still you could recognize the person in question

but now it has become like we have full fledged burka culture
1. it is worn not only on two wheeler but even when they have alighted from it and are in a restaurant or park. clearly effort to hide
2. special clothing material large in size are used now
3. in all season and all times of day (even night) this is worn.
4. obviously it has question of identity in case of crime/ vehicle accidents
5. not to mention boys also use similar stuff, mostly it is case of dating right under nose of your acquaintances.

somewhere i read that burka can actually be liberating as the women who might not have ventured outside otherwise would be doing so now. can same thing be said about this fetish for covering face in Indore & Bhopal?
what is police doing about it?
women commission ? NGOs?

by the time all these authorities sleep let us wait for some major incident to happen because of this new find liberalism in our society.

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