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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ayodhya of Indore

some lazy journalist has coined this term and it had become a curse for the area.

1. riots - every riot ends in harming property and business here.result despite having large area on AB road and connected to dhar and pithampur as well this area has not seen real estate boom seen by other areas.

2. despite having some very early colonies of middle class once again no mall or multiplex has come up.

3. Local MLA and now his wife wins with margin of lakh vote . only other area in MP where this happens is babulal gaur in Bhopal and look what he does for development over there contrast this with this area - flyover which was being planned here has been put on cod storage

4. BRTS and ayodhya project has skirted the area

5. roads are being made by passing the area

and now this news about gambling dens. this whole case looks very suspicious from beginning.obviously politicians, bureaucrats and police knew about these gambling dens why they did not act till now and why are they acting now is beyond comprehension.

may be the fellow called their bluff or was not fulfilling their demand.

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