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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bureaucrates like Rakesh Shrivastav...

Gentleman was DM of Indore till yesterday and is now PR head of state government.Another ex DM Manoj Shrivstav held the post for a long time under BJP rule.

Most striking thing was so called anti encroachment drive initiated by this gentleman in wee days of is tenure.

Should we thank him??

Not at all. Someone who says his best achievement was getting four elections done ( that was his role as chief electoral officer not as DM) and getting IIT to city ( except much maligned Arjun Singh I do not think anyone in his right mind can take credit for it) conveniently forgetting that communal riots which happened within few days of his arrival in city tarnished name of Indore far and wide.

Politicians of both sides had a gala time in all constitutional bodies be it IDA, IMC or Panchayats not leaving even poor animals of zoo. Land sharks proliferated and crime rate touched new heights.

Water situation worsened and one good thing which his predecessor Vivek Agrawal had done i.e. City Bus was left to decay to its own fate can surely be called some crowning glories of his tenure.

When his deputy Gopal Dad tried to set house of private schools in order , he was conveniently shunted out. When Sanjeev Shami was fighting lonley battle against rule breakers he was never given a helping hand

and now this attempt at getting cheap publicity by snatching livelihoods of some small shopkeepers but leaving untouched big fish (read Pakiza..)

With officers like this we do not need any enemies.

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