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Sunday, March 28, 2010

well done Mr Sehrawat, vice chancellor of Devi Ahlya University

We had a story of Premchand in school books called 'panch parmeshwar' which outlined importance of neutrality by people occupying critical posts and need of strengthening of institutions and this can not be overemphasized in a place like Indore which is all poised to grow up but is hemmed with no history of institutions and is being plagued by all ills of badlands of UP and Bihar.

It has been only Mr Chaddha in recent years who donned the mantle of VC perfectly without fear or favor and initiated many reforms at university.

This time person doing same is different and the way he came to occupy the chair has also not been entirely without controversy.At least he is improvement over Bhagirath Prasad who was essentially a political appointee and was using post more for his politic political career.

Mr Sehrawat has managed to antagonize the person who got him the post.his small expenses are also a matter of talk in newspaper and when he removes two corrupt HODs both parties join in protest . this clearly means he is trying to tread an independent path.

He has presented a very good budget of around 150 cr for development of university and certainly one Mr Madhu Verma who has left no stone unturned to misuse public money of IDA for his political gain cold learn from this budget.

His insistence on attending only those functions where organizers plant at leas 10 trees is a step in right direction and in a city where public discourse has been reduced to vulgar 'aayojan' and 'karyakram' culture with chanda or ill gotten money often inconveniencing common man this comes as a welcome respite.

Hope he does more to improve administration of university and for this he needs to break free of registrar.

In all central institutions like IIT and IIM dean is far more powerful than registrar who is mere administrator but it is reverse case in state universities and only assertive people like Mr Sehrawat can change the situation for better.

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