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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wah wah re

Politics in MP has been lately reduced to 'aayojan' or 'programme' culture. Apart from back room maneuvering the other way which people can think of to shine their political career is organizing programmes. this could be religious procession on innumerable jayantis, caste panchayats, hindu samagams, melas, pravchan by holy people.

Those who are resourceful and intelligent end up organizing 20-20 tournament or star night.
Now small time leader either harass local traders for the money needed for such 'aayojans' or float trusts and organizations which receive funding from state govt. or local bodies e.g. malwa utsav.

those who have anyways made millions out of public money are a bit large hearted and do not mind spending from their ill gotten wealth.

but all this have very salutary effect on people. No one in normal public expects a leader to be visionary or raise real issue now a days. for their day to day problems they know how to bribe officials and find their way so the politician who does all this kind of tantrums gets eyeballs as well as headlines.

in fact clippings of such programmes with number of attendees become part of resume of such leaders when they are canvassing for party ticket.

whenever such a programme is due pubic is duly notified by large and obstructive hoardings at all places where king size photo of 'bhiya' dominate the poster and the intent (god, sports, saint etc...) appear in some corner of it.

public electricity, space ( dussehra maidan of Indore is favorite for such nuisance), and roads are freely used.

our CM has also got bug of this disease recently so first he got publicity by giving 1 lakh each to Indian woman hockey team. this was more than what he would have got by placing full page ads in national edition of times of India...a shrewd move indeed and as a taxpayer i would not mind it that much.

but goaded by his 'competent' advisers he decided to hold obadullah cup hockey tournament just after hockey world cup to cash on the pubic sentiment. now planning was faulty becoz

1. because of IPL even movies are not being released who will come and watch hockey
2. it is summer already
3. board exam time - all the teams are devoid of their star players.

now they say in puranas that in kaliyug only people who talk big and do nothing will rule the roost. I used to apply this verse to obama till day but now shivrajsingh chouhan, our publicity hungry CM also fits the bill.

a loud wah wah re!!!

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