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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crime capital of Madhya Pradesh : Indore

SO finally home minister found time to visit Indore and 'instruct' police officials to improve law and order , but it is easier said than done...

1. MP is one of those states in nation where bureaucracy is strong and officers seldom pay attention to ministers or MLAs. In case of home minister last home minister Himmat kothari and current home minister Umashankar gupta despite being old timers were not even minister in uma bharti cabinet and can very well lose assembly election next time and fall into oblivion, so their control over administration is fickle.

2. problem is compounded when thier interests lie elsewhere. Mr Kothari was accused of scam in purchase of guns and Mr gupta was captured by media pressurising police at 2 am in night when one of his friend was caught in case of illegal hostel.

3. As far as Indore is concerned political interference is key problem. Honest SP Shami was removed as he was not giving a free run to cronies of Kailashji.

4. Even other leaders are not without blame. Assembly constituency 4 has long been plagued by 'vasooli' and 'chanda' problem, when Lakshman singh gaud was alive his 'koti chandi' yagna meant open extortion on business people.

5. Family of other ex BJP MLA is actively involved in hammali racket in siyaganj.

6. At least two current MLAs have benefited from co operative scam directly and ramesh mandola, the pension kingpin is also accused in one of the cooperative society case.

7. another ex MLA gopi nema is also known to misuse public fund.

So a party of law breakers and manipulators can hardly be expected to protect a common man from goons. I would rather say common man needs to be protected from such leaders.

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