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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bhopal Indore Industrial corridor

Central government is funding this DMIC as a model for faster industrial and overall development of the region.

I think it is high time that government in MP implements a similar corridor between bhopal indore ....

1. it can be extended to pithampur on one side and madideep on other side.
2. it has best highway in state which is almost free of highway crime as opposed to other highways.
3. hinterland of jhabua,dhar, ratlam on one side and vidisha, hoshangabad on other side can provide raw material and cheap labor.
4. agricultural extension centers, contract farming, chain of cold storage and agro processing industry can be promoted in dewas, ashta, sonkach and sehore.
5. indore can be developed as regional service hub with incentive to software and BPO
6. bhopal can be made hub for niche area and hotel and catering, fashion, media ,journalism, photography training institute can be promoted here.
7. dewas with untapped beauty at places like kalakund can host some resorts and can be developed for eco tourism.
8. all along highway industry can be allocated cheap land and power from indira sagar can be used.
9.train line between indore and bhopal in one of the most decongestant one .it can be developed as high speed corridor.
10. any intervening town say like dewas or sehore can be developed as big dairy processing cetre on the lines of anand.


  1. Reminds me of an old post http://bhopale.blogspot.com/2008/01/bhopal-airport-and-indore-airport.html

    Khud Dil Se Dil Ki Baat Kahi, Aur Ro Liye (-:

  2. ha ha
    I went to your blog and I must say you also had similar feelings like me to start your blog.