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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malwa is thirsty

Summer is around the corner and though this year will not be as bad as last year due to abundant rain but alternate day supply of 1 hour of water is something no city can be proud of.

I found this wonderful article on India environment portal

I have written about water woes of indore before here , here , here & http://indoreheartofindia.blogspot.com/2008/11/missing-poll-issue-narmada.html & also here , here

and my conclusion is that water problem is here to stay becoz our leaders are part of problem and not the solution

1. them make good money in this whole tanker business every year
2. manning tanker and distributing water becomes alibi for not doing any development work in area. One sure shot plank to win election is late night tanker in localities manned by your leader.
3. All talabs and their catchment area is being converted to concrete jungle
4. Those with means exploiting ground water aquifer like there is no tomorrow.

In relative sense we are better today , but it is an ostrich like situation of assuming that there is no problem.

IMC's annual budget is not enough to meet cost of bringing narmada to indore but as it sounds catchy everyone is for it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crime capital of Madhya Pradesh : Indore

SO finally home minister found time to visit Indore and 'instruct' police officials to improve law and order , but it is easier said than done...

1. MP is one of those states in nation where bureaucracy is strong and officers seldom pay attention to ministers or MLAs. In case of home minister last home minister Himmat kothari and current home minister Umashankar gupta despite being old timers were not even minister in uma bharti cabinet and can very well lose assembly election next time and fall into oblivion, so their control over administration is fickle.

2. problem is compounded when thier interests lie elsewhere. Mr Kothari was accused of scam in purchase of guns and Mr gupta was captured by media pressurising police at 2 am in night when one of his friend was caught in case of illegal hostel.

3. As far as Indore is concerned political interference is key problem. Honest SP Shami was removed as he was not giving a free run to cronies of Kailashji.

4. Even other leaders are not without blame. Assembly constituency 4 has long been plagued by 'vasooli' and 'chanda' problem, when Lakshman singh gaud was alive his 'koti chandi' yagna meant open extortion on business people.

5. Family of other ex BJP MLA is actively involved in hammali racket in siyaganj.

6. At least two current MLAs have benefited from co operative scam directly and ramesh mandola, the pension kingpin is also accused in one of the cooperative society case.

7. another ex MLA gopi nema is also known to misuse public fund.

So a party of law breakers and manipulators can hardly be expected to protect a common man from goons. I would rather say common man needs to be protected from such leaders.

Lessons from Indore from Bangalore municipal elections

A very good article from Indian Express


Morale is by use of technology we can make our leaders accountable.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Provision of urban amenities in rural areas

IIM Indore students undertook a very good one week trip.

their experiences are listed below.but it would have been great if they would have actually generated concept paper for same..may be for one district or may be for one particular facility.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

well done Mr Sehrawat, vice chancellor of Devi Ahlya University

We had a story of Premchand in school books called 'panch parmeshwar' which outlined importance of neutrality by people occupying critical posts and need of strengthening of institutions and this can not be overemphasized in a place like Indore which is all poised to grow up but is hemmed with no history of institutions and is being plagued by all ills of badlands of UP and Bihar.

It has been only Mr Chaddha in recent years who donned the mantle of VC perfectly without fear or favor and initiated many reforms at university.

This time person doing same is different and the way he came to occupy the chair has also not been entirely without controversy.At least he is improvement over Bhagirath Prasad who was essentially a political appointee and was using post more for his politic political career.

Mr Sehrawat has managed to antagonize the person who got him the post.his small expenses are also a matter of talk in newspaper and when he removes two corrupt HODs both parties join in protest . this clearly means he is trying to tread an independent path.

He has presented a very good budget of around 150 cr for development of university and certainly one Mr Madhu Verma who has left no stone unturned to misuse public money of IDA for his political gain cold learn from this budget.

His insistence on attending only those functions where organizers plant at leas 10 trees is a step in right direction and in a city where public discourse has been reduced to vulgar 'aayojan' and 'karyakram' culture with chanda or ill gotten money often inconveniencing common man this comes as a welcome respite.

Hope he does more to improve administration of university and for this he needs to break free of registrar.

In all central institutions like IIT and IIM dean is far more powerful than registrar who is mere administrator but it is reverse case in state universities and only assertive people like Mr Sehrawat can change the situation for better.

our own Luddites

Wikipedia defines Luddites as "The Luddites were a social movement of British textile artisans in the nineteenth century who protested—often by destroying mechanized looms—against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt were leaving them without work and changing their entire way of life.

This English historical movement should be seen in the context of the era's harsh economic climate due to the Napoleonic Wars, and the degrading working conditions in the new textile factories. Since then Luddite has been used to describe those opposed to industrialization or new technologies [1]."

if one glances through daiy newspapers one can find many example of such people being present in Indore..


Bhopal Indore Industrial corridor

Central government is funding this DMIC as a model for faster industrial and overall development of the region.

I think it is high time that government in MP implements a similar corridor between bhopal indore ....

1. it can be extended to pithampur on one side and madideep on other side.
2. it has best highway in state which is almost free of highway crime as opposed to other highways.
3. hinterland of jhabua,dhar, ratlam on one side and vidisha, hoshangabad on other side can provide raw material and cheap labor.
4. agricultural extension centers, contract farming, chain of cold storage and agro processing industry can be promoted in dewas, ashta, sonkach and sehore.
5. indore can be developed as regional service hub with incentive to software and BPO
6. bhopal can be made hub for niche area and hotel and catering, fashion, media ,journalism, photography training institute can be promoted here.
7. dewas with untapped beauty at places like kalakund can host some resorts and can be developed for eco tourism.
8. all along highway industry can be allocated cheap land and power from indira sagar can be used.
9.train line between indore and bhopal in one of the most decongestant one .it can be developed as high speed corridor.
10. any intervening town say like dewas or sehore can be developed as big dairy processing cetre on the lines of anand.

Dr Khan murder case..

I had written about it when the incident happened almost a year ago. Insensitivity of administration in solving the case was apparent from day one, when they are busy protecting our leaders and their supporters..
and today the news came that Ms Vidya Khan finally bid adieu to the city and nation..

Community radio in a private college in Indore

Indeed a good and progressive step...

Grant of Permission Agreement for establishing, maintaining and operating a Community Radio Station at Central India Institute of Science and Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh has been signed . With this, the number of CRS will increase to 67 in the country.

The focus of the Community Radio Station would be to encourage the community members to speak out their needs and ideas, to create knowledge content for students and to act as a medium for teachers to develop knowledge content relevant to their subjects.

It will also ensure that the community is literate and enabled to absorb information through media including radio. Regular information on child health, pregnancy, local health issues and seasonal precautions for women’s related programmes will benefit the community.

The Government encourages setting up of community radio stations as it promises to provide an opportunity to the local communities to express themselves, share their views and particularly empower the women, youth and the marginalized group to take part in local self governance and overall socio economic and cultural development of the area.

Community Radio Station also better informs the society about the developmental initiatives of government and promote transparency in the implementation of the schemes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

animal farm and bhartiyan jugaad party

ये कहानी है तीन जानवरों की .... माफ़ कीजिये जानवर नहीं पत्रों की . क्योंकि जानवर कहने पर मेरे पत्र तो नहीं लेकिन कुछ अन्य लोग जरूर ऐतराज़ कर सकते है . इन तीनो मैं कोम्मों या सामान बात ये है की तीनो ही इंदौर नमक शहर के बाशिंदे है और इंसान नहीं कहलाते है. बस यहीं आकर इनके बीच की समानताएं ख़त्म हो जाती है.
तीनो रहते है इंदौर के बहार स्तिथ 'ग्वाला कालोनी' में. अब ये नह पूचियेंगा की आपको नहीं पता ये कौन सी जगह है. महोदय ये वाही स्थान है जहाँ पर शहर के बीचों बीच गौ पालन करने वालों को बसयाँ जान है. अब भले ही शहर में कईं वर्षो से हिंदूवादी पार्टी का शासन हो जो गौ माता के नाम का दंभ भारती हो और गौ मंगल यात्रा भी निकलती हो, लेकिन शहर के बाजारों में गौ मन को डंडे खाते हुए.. कुत्तो और सूअरों से अपना खान शेयर करते हुए और धुप और बारिश में सडको पर छाँव ढूँढ़ते हुए (क्योंकि वे अपने मालिक के लिए भैंसों की तरह कीम्तीं नहीं होती) इंदौर के बच्चे बच्चे ने देखा है लेकिन भारतीय संस्कृति की रक्षक पार्टी के सूरमाओं ने नहीं देखा है.
खैर एक गाय बेचारी नेताओ की बातो का भरोसा करके अपने बछड़े को लेकर कई बरस पहले इस ग्वाला कालोनी में आ गयी थी तब यहाँ एक संकर प्रजाति का कुत्ता भी रहता था. उसकी माँ तो एक गली की मरियल सी कुतिया थी लेकिन बाप किसी रईस आदमी का बिग्द्दैल 'ग्रेट दाने' किसम का कुत्ता था और जैसा की हर अविअध संतान के साथ होता है इसे भी दर दर की ठोकरों के सिवा कुछ न मिला तो इसने इस उआद पड़ी कालोनी जिसमें सर्कार ने सहदे तो बनवा दिए थे पर न कोई बिजली थी न पानी को ही अपना ठिकाना बना लिया.
खैर एक दिन इनकी जिंदगी में एक नए दोस्त की दस्ताक हुई ये दोस्त थी एक सफ़ेद शेरनी की आत्मा जिसे नगर निगम वाले यहाँ दफना कर चले गए थे. इस आत्मा ने जो कहानी इन् दोनों को सुने उसने इन् दोनों की जिंदगी ही बदल कर रख दी.शेरनी इंदौर के जू में रहती थी और कुछ ही दिन पहले इसने तीन बछो को जनम दिया था. उनके जनम के अगले दिन रविवार था और जबकि ये शेरनी जचकी के बहार भी नहीं आई थिस इंदौर के एक राष्ट्र प्रस्सिध भाजपा नेता ( जो संसद सदस्यता भी खो चुके हैं लाभ के पद पर रहने के कारन) के परिवार के महिलाएं और बच्चे दंदंकर घुसे चले आयें. उनका वहां अन्दर तक चला आया जबकि किसी को भी ये अनुमति नहीं है. दिन था रविवार जिस दिन जू बंद होता है. सफ़ेद शेर खास किसम का जानवर होता है और ये बची तो अभी एक ही दिन के थे इन्हें तो खुले पिंजरें में भी नहीं रखा जाता लेकिन नेताजी के परिवार के मनोरंजन के लिए छोटे छोटे बचू को संक्रमण की परवाह किये बगैर बहार निकला गया उनके पपियां ली गयी और उनके साथ फोटो खींचे गए.
नतीजा कुछ ही दिनों में ये शवक चल बसें. इनकी माँ का हाल बेहाल था पर वो फ़रियाद करती तो किस्से. नगर निगम के चुनाव होने वाले थे और अचार संहिता लगी हुई थिस. इंसानों के काम रुके पड़े थे तो इस बेजुबान की कौन सुनाता. खैर चुनाव हुए , नए महापौर निर्वाचित हुए और एक दिन उनका जू दौरा निशित हुआ. लेकिन अब चौकने की बरी शेरनी की थी क्योंकि ये तो वाही नेताजी थे जिनके परिवार के हाथ इसके बचू के खून से रंगे थे..... जब भक्षक ही रक्षक का लिबास पहन ले तो किस्से शिकायत की जाए?
और इसीस निराशा में इस शेरनी ने आत्महत्या कर ली और इसकी आत्मा इस ग्वाला कालोनी में भटकने लगी. यहाँ से भाग कर गाय का बचदा जो अब बैल बन चुका था सीधे इस गौ रक्षक पार्टी के ऑफिस जा पहुंचा. गौ रक्षक पार्टी अगले ही दिन महंगाई के खिलाफ मोर्चा निकलने वाली थी और सोचा गया की क्यों न इस बछड़े को बैलगाड़ी बनाकर उसकी सवारी की जाए. सो अगले दिन इस बैलगाड़ी पर पूरी की पूरी नगर भाजपा स्वर हो गयी फोट खीचने और प्रदर्शन में अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज करने के लिए. जब बैल बेचारा वजन सह न सका और धीरे धीरे चलने लगा या फिर रुकने लगा तो उसके गुप्त अंग पर चाबुक से प्रहार किया गया..... ये सब उन्ही रास्तों पर हुआ जिनपर कुछ ही दिन पहले गौ मंगल यात्रा निकली थी और इसी बैल की मन के चरण इन्ही नेताओ ने धुयें थे और उससे घन खिलाई थी.

लेकिन हमारी खाने का अंत सुखद है. हमारा सनकर नसल का ग्रेट दाने कुत्ता जो शेरनी की आत्मा की दर से ग्वाला कालोनी छोड़ कर भगा था एक शराबी watchmen के हथून पद गया जिसने इसे इसी भर्तियाँ संक्राति की पोषक पार्टी के सबसे कट्टर हिन्दू नेता के ऐ बी रोड स्तिथ स्कूल कम होटल कम फार्म हाउस पर ले जाकर छोड़ दिया. यहाँ नेताजी के वंशज शहर में तो भारित्यां स्नाक्रती का धिन्डोरा पिटते थे लेकिन इस फार्म हाउस पर ऊँची नसल के कुत्तो और ऐसे ही चीज़ों पर वो पैसा खर्च करते थे जो इनके क्षेत्रे की जनता से धार्मिक आयोजनों के नामे पर करोरोदों में उगायाँ जाता था.
तू इस तरह हमारे कुत्ते के जीवन का उद्धार और बड़ा पार उसी पार्टी के लोगो ने किया जिसके लोग हमारे बैल और शेरे के जीवन की तकलीफों के लिएजिम्मेदार थे.

Wah wah re

Politics in MP has been lately reduced to 'aayojan' or 'programme' culture. Apart from back room maneuvering the other way which people can think of to shine their political career is organizing programmes. this could be religious procession on innumerable jayantis, caste panchayats, hindu samagams, melas, pravchan by holy people.

Those who are resourceful and intelligent end up organizing 20-20 tournament or star night.
Now small time leader either harass local traders for the money needed for such 'aayojans' or float trusts and organizations which receive funding from state govt. or local bodies e.g. malwa utsav.

those who have anyways made millions out of public money are a bit large hearted and do not mind spending from their ill gotten wealth.

but all this have very salutary effect on people. No one in normal public expects a leader to be visionary or raise real issue now a days. for their day to day problems they know how to bribe officials and find their way so the politician who does all this kind of tantrums gets eyeballs as well as headlines.

in fact clippings of such programmes with number of attendees become part of resume of such leaders when they are canvassing for party ticket.

whenever such a programme is due pubic is duly notified by large and obstructive hoardings at all places where king size photo of 'bhiya' dominate the poster and the intent (god, sports, saint etc...) appear in some corner of it.

public electricity, space ( dussehra maidan of Indore is favorite for such nuisance), and roads are freely used.

our CM has also got bug of this disease recently so first he got publicity by giving 1 lakh each to Indian woman hockey team. this was more than what he would have got by placing full page ads in national edition of times of India...a shrewd move indeed and as a taxpayer i would not mind it that much.

but goaded by his 'competent' advisers he decided to hold obadullah cup hockey tournament just after hockey world cup to cash on the pubic sentiment. now planning was faulty becoz

1. because of IPL even movies are not being released who will come and watch hockey
2. it is summer already
3. board exam time - all the teams are devoid of their star players.

now they say in puranas that in kaliyug only people who talk big and do nothing will rule the roost. I used to apply this verse to obama till day but now shivrajsingh chouhan, our publicity hungry CM also fits the bill.

a loud wah wah re!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Paper on Indore city bus

My paper on Indore city bus got published in a peer reviewed journal...