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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indore on high alert

After blasts in Pune Indore has been put on high alert.

First a personal loss. One of my juniors (from my hostel) lost his life in Pune blast. One of my seniors had lost his life in Taj attack.

Now why is Indore a target of terrorists and why a soft target?

1. among all large states of India, it is the only state which has not seen any terrorist attack till date.

2. only documented case of so called Hindu terrorism had all its links to indore. so terrorists supported by Pakistan need to frighten any one else who dare to fight them in their own way and those who support them.

3. situated on trijunction of rajasthan, maharshtra and gujarat it is a commercial city and has good eyeball value if attacked.

4. SIMI flourished and was neutralized here only.

5. due to decayed political culture of area police force is highly demoralized and politicised. it has not been able to solve any major robbery case - perfect place to commit crime.

6. City has its own muslim ghetto (khajrana, chandan nagar, bombay bajar) which have been bypassed by development and recent history of communal violence.

So my fears are our beloved city is up for some tough times ahead in next year.

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