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Thursday, February 18, 2010

BJP national convention

though I had decided not to write about politics but this great 'tamaha' calls for writing.

1. I think battery pwered vehicles were a first for indore. we do not have large golf course or environmentally conscious corporate campus here so these were obviously brought from mumbai or delhi.

Just two thoughts came to my mind...
- tonnes of union carbide waste is lying buried not more than 50 km away from the site of convention. Do delegates know that a BJP government did this without caring for local opinion and health??

- When kailash vijayvargiya was mayor of Indore , advani had come to Indore to inaugurate am monstrosity at vijay nagar square. They cut the trees and constructed artificial trees and scenery and lighted all of them with electricity. Such a waste of power

2. this whole thing of tent is laughable. it is like Gandhi traveling in third class of special trains. Instead of doing these gimmicks leaders would try to find out who financed this convention. does BJP has courage to make public name of all donors with the amount of donation given for convention??

3. Manekaji went and took a class of zoo officials. does she know that family of current mayor took their vehicle inside zoo on Sunday and got photographed and played with infant cubs of white tiger which dies shortly. if the fence decides to eat crop who can save it????

4. Apart from security Indore administration is extending many undue favor to convention. can they make public amount of expense government is incurring on emergency construction of road and similar expenses???

5. will delegates care to visit AB road and see how junta is being cheated in name of BRTS corridor since last three years?

I do not know if BJP will get a direction from this so called executive meet but one thing is sure , one township will get all clearance in Indore even if it does not subscribe to rules...

so at least someone benefits out of this ...

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