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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bhopal to Indore

I have been crisscrossing both cities recently for work and travelling has not been a very pleasant experience though I have not yet tried the air mode for same.

There is only one pair of intercity trains and that too not simultaneously. I think among all large city pairs of India this would be the most unfortunate one, given that tract to Indore anyways has large unutilized capacity and there is good demand for better train.

There is only one AC coach and its condition is pathetic. While all so called express trains are either at unearthly hours or too slow between the cities be it Narmada passenger or Malwa express

Once again MP has a distinction of the only large state not to have a RTC of its own and people are left at mercy of private operators most of whom have political connections so no control on timeliness, passenger amenities or fare.
So the option one is left with is private vehicles, if one is driving one’s own vehicle brace yourself for accident prone section near Ashta where no police picket, ambulance or even trauma centre can be seen given the recorded history of fatal accidents
Icing on cake is at least 3 toll plazas which come on the way and they are not two way i.e. one has to pay both times even if you cross it in a single day.
And not to forget shipra toll booth near Indore which is clear mockery of all laws and is running even after its expiry due to political links and hapless passengers are fleeced no matter if a police jeep is stationed there. Sometimes I wonder why should I pay taxes if I have to pay user charges everywhere while leaders and bureaucrats are exempt from it.
If one hires a private taxi (innova and indica are call of the day), then fare changes every day at the whims and fancies of operators and timings are also uncertain.

MP tourism had also started a bus with much fun fare and recently I travelled by it after getting disappointed with three other options mentioned above and I must say they have made a mockery of AC bus service. I even wrote a mail to them which was read but never replied
'sale@mptourism.com'; 'bhopal@mptourism.com'; 'indore@mptourism.com'
Dear Sir,

I took bus from Bhopal Indore today 6 pm and I must say I was disappointed with services…

1. No water was served
2. Reading lights were not orking
3. The rail on right side for curtains was loose and rattling full time
4. They started with one movie, stopped in between and then showed other half of other movie
5. Wires for path lights were loose and I actually touched one of them accidently. This is very dangerous how can this kind of electric fitting be allowed???

As people have no option in terms of MPRTC, service provided b you people are actually laudable but I have travelled in similar buses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, pune and delhi and I would suggest that a study of those buses will help you to make things better here.
If you are hungry then you have a monopolized stoppage where horrible and overpriced tea and pohe are served and the fellow always makes excuse of not having changes
All the ministers and people have vehicles with red lights and do not pay tolls so just whoosh past you while you are struggling on road. I wish they were stuck some day on this road and forced to travel by public transport.

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