with love to indore

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bhopal to Indore

I have been crisscrossing both cities recently for work and travelling has not been a very pleasant experience though I have not yet tried the air mode for same.

There is only one pair of intercity trains and that too not simultaneously. I think among all large city pairs of India this would be the most unfortunate one, given that tract to Indore anyways has large unutilized capacity and there is good demand for better train.

There is only one AC coach and its condition is pathetic. While all so called express trains are either at unearthly hours or too slow between the cities be it Narmada passenger or Malwa express

Once again MP has a distinction of the only large state not to have a RTC of its own and people are left at mercy of private operators most of whom have political connections so no control on timeliness, passenger amenities or fare.
So the option one is left with is private vehicles, if one is driving one’s own vehicle brace yourself for accident prone section near Ashta where no police picket, ambulance or even trauma centre can be seen given the recorded history of fatal accidents
Icing on cake is at least 3 toll plazas which come on the way and they are not two way i.e. one has to pay both times even if you cross it in a single day.
And not to forget shipra toll booth near Indore which is clear mockery of all laws and is running even after its expiry due to political links and hapless passengers are fleeced no matter if a police jeep is stationed there. Sometimes I wonder why should I pay taxes if I have to pay user charges everywhere while leaders and bureaucrats are exempt from it.
If one hires a private taxi (innova and indica are call of the day), then fare changes every day at the whims and fancies of operators and timings are also uncertain.

MP tourism had also started a bus with much fun fare and recently I travelled by it after getting disappointed with three other options mentioned above and I must say they have made a mockery of AC bus service. I even wrote a mail to them which was read but never replied
'sale@mptourism.com'; 'bhopal@mptourism.com'; 'indore@mptourism.com'
Dear Sir,

I took bus from Bhopal Indore today 6 pm and I must say I was disappointed with services…

1. No water was served
2. Reading lights were not orking
3. The rail on right side for curtains was loose and rattling full time
4. They started with one movie, stopped in between and then showed other half of other movie
5. Wires for path lights were loose and I actually touched one of them accidently. This is very dangerous how can this kind of electric fitting be allowed???

As people have no option in terms of MPRTC, service provided b you people are actually laudable but I have travelled in similar buses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, pune and delhi and I would suggest that a study of those buses will help you to make things better here.
If you are hungry then you have a monopolized stoppage where horrible and overpriced tea and pohe are served and the fellow always makes excuse of not having changes
All the ministers and people have vehicles with red lights and do not pay tolls so just whoosh past you while you are struggling on road. I wish they were stuck some day on this road and forced to travel by public transport.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rail budget & Indore

history repeats itself every year.

Indore has got nothing substantial except a duranto to mumbai.

• Direct benefit
o DurantoAC between Indore and Mumbai
o Ajmer-Indore Link Express (Daily)
o -ticket vans to be extended to Government Medical College Hospitals, Courts, Universities, IT hubs, IITs and IIMs (indore has last all five)
• Trains though not through Indore but will pass through nearby places so improving connectivity to Indore also
o Kolkata-Ajmer Express via Singrauli-Katni-Bhopal-Nagda-Ratlam (Weekly)
o Hyderabad-Ajmer Express (Bi-weekly)
o Habibganj-Jabalpur Intercity Express (Daily)
o Jaipur-Pune Express (Weekly) (will it go through MP??)
o Ahmedabad-Agra Express (Tri-weekly)
o Puri-Valsad Express (Weekly) via Katni-Bhopal-Vadodara ( so now instead of going to Bina, one can get train for Puri at Bhopal itself but it is only weekly)

One more thing. three tirth yatra trains will pass through either Indore or bhopal. so good news for highy religious minded people of region

Ahmedabad-Puri-Kolkata-Gangasagar-Varanasi- Allahabad-Indore-Omkareshwar-Ujjain-Ahmedabad;

Bhopal-Dwaraka-Somnath-Udaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur- Jaipur-Mathura-Vrindavan-Amritsar-Jammu Tawi-Bhopal.


more interestingly Maharashtra governmnet has expresses its willingness to share cost for Manmad Indore line but MP government and so called development purush of Indore are blissfully silent on issue ,so is our MP of 20 years.

refer to page number 34 of http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/DEPTTS/Budget/BUDGET-1011/RlyBudget_Eng_10-11.pdf

Thursday, February 18, 2010

BJP national convention

though I had decided not to write about politics but this great 'tamaha' calls for writing.

1. I think battery pwered vehicles were a first for indore. we do not have large golf course or environmentally conscious corporate campus here so these were obviously brought from mumbai or delhi.

Just two thoughts came to my mind...
- tonnes of union carbide waste is lying buried not more than 50 km away from the site of convention. Do delegates know that a BJP government did this without caring for local opinion and health??

- When kailash vijayvargiya was mayor of Indore , advani had come to Indore to inaugurate am monstrosity at vijay nagar square. They cut the trees and constructed artificial trees and scenery and lighted all of them with electricity. Such a waste of power

2. this whole thing of tent is laughable. it is like Gandhi traveling in third class of special trains. Instead of doing these gimmicks leaders would try to find out who financed this convention. does BJP has courage to make public name of all donors with the amount of donation given for convention??

3. Manekaji went and took a class of zoo officials. does she know that family of current mayor took their vehicle inside zoo on Sunday and got photographed and played with infant cubs of white tiger which dies shortly. if the fence decides to eat crop who can save it????

4. Apart from security Indore administration is extending many undue favor to convention. can they make public amount of expense government is incurring on emergency construction of road and similar expenses???

5. will delegates care to visit AB road and see how junta is being cheated in name of BRTS corridor since last three years?

I do not know if BJP will get a direction from this so called executive meet but one thing is sure , one township will get all clearance in Indore even if it does not subscribe to rules...

so at least someone benefits out of this ...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Co operative societies land scam in Indore

a few weeks back one could see and hear Queen mother and prince charming patting themselves on back by claiming that India was saved from financial tsunami because old queen mother had nationalized the banks.A hilarious and absurd argument but socialist or crony capitalist policies of those days still linger on and they have caused incalculable damage to us as a society. The damage is not only in terms of growth figures missed or poverty sustained but also in opportunities denied to people and more severely rules framed in such a way that they made thieves out of people .In nutshell rupturing moral fabric of nation.

Two such issues are liquor shops in indore and land scams.

Let us deal issue of land scams in indore.

now there is one newspaper which claims to have started the movement and exposed various co operative societies. though the claim is doubtful, contribution must be recognized.

then there is government which claims to have amended the law, transferring errant officials and so on... but this version is full of holes..
1. the scam is not in a handful of societies but only a handful are free of scams. so obviously officials had full knowledge. no one has been prosecuted though.
2. almost on daily basis name of politicians ,both past and present, from ruling as well as opposition party keep on cropping in papers.One can see that none of the elected representative or opposition has really made it an issue. as they say in hindi ' chour chour mousare bhai'

But keeping politics aside, if one gets honest police or administration or if all guilty are punished is the problem solved?? I am afraid not.

In heydays of socialism Indian society got afflicted with two very fatal virus. one of seeing poverty as virtue and wealth as crime, and secondly controlling mindset of government and domination of government by people who thought themselves to be wiser than anyone else on earth.


1. land ceiling acts - effectively putting end to integrated township development by private parties

2. various government housing boards executed shoddy projects. In quantitative terms their schemes were too few and too late.

3. no effective planning to tackle demand of housing in cities with rising population. result - slums and unauthorized colonies as land was never freed fast enough to meet the demand.

now a new market distorting mechanism was introduced in name of cooperative societies. so collect 'n' number of people , form a society and you could get land at cheaper rate than market. in fact land which individuals can not get , these 'cooperative' societies can get.

now if same good is sold at different prices in market, there is arbitrage opportunity and clever people saw it and rushed to form all sort of real or bogus societies to corner any land that was available.

rule maker and implementer for this arbitrage trade was cooperative department, IDA, district administration and they also benefited

another component of transaction cost was pound of flesh of politicians and police.

and so we have all sorts of people forming all sorts of cooperative societies - some times in hope of getting land, sometimes in hope of getting cheap land and sometimes in hope of getting land and making money by selling it.

Indore on high alert

After blasts in Pune Indore has been put on high alert.

First a personal loss. One of my juniors (from my hostel) lost his life in Pune blast. One of my seniors had lost his life in Taj attack.

Now why is Indore a target of terrorists and why a soft target?

1. among all large states of India, it is the only state which has not seen any terrorist attack till date.

2. only documented case of so called Hindu terrorism had all its links to indore. so terrorists supported by Pakistan need to frighten any one else who dare to fight them in their own way and those who support them.

3. situated on trijunction of rajasthan, maharshtra and gujarat it is a commercial city and has good eyeball value if attacked.

4. SIMI flourished and was neutralized here only.

5. due to decayed political culture of area police force is highly demoralized and politicised. it has not been able to solve any major robbery case - perfect place to commit crime.

6. City has its own muslim ghetto (khajrana, chandan nagar, bombay bajar) which have been bypassed by development and recent history of communal violence.

So my fears are our beloved city is up for some tough times ahead in next year.