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Monday, November 2, 2009

Economic Indicators : How backward MP is

I don't trust in oft quoted figures of so much tax collection increase mouthed by state government ( even those are falling) but even if one argues that these are temporary drops there are deep structural weaknesses in our economy and sadly except soyabean nothing has been done to project MP as export source, or manufacturing hub or even software hub. Big three of Indian IT TCS, Infosys & Wipro employ some 3,00,000 people all over India and on an all India basis except NE and J&K perhaps MP is the only state where none of them have any office.

At most we have a thriving trading economy which improts stuff from outside state to satisfy consumption needs in state without much value addition.

this report from business standard on top Indian cities which made use of export entitlements mentions this in no uncertain terms.

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