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Sunday, October 18, 2009

School education in Indore

This is shocking how crores of public money is being wasted


all the buildings are in Nandanagar ( area of bhajan singer) and no responsibility has been fixed as to how to use these buildings.

shocking indeed


  1. What do you think about Educational System and Teaching Methodology in India?

    A) It leads to Success

    B) It prohibits thinking

    C) Poor Teaching


  2. NOw I see where you get news from!

    Nai Dunia - A congress gulped Bad person Sided news paper. . .

    A news paper who is supporting Bobby Chabra who gulped a plot of more then 10,000 innocent people earning penny daily.

    Well lets come to the point of Nai Dunia.The building shown here are finished on dates as per mentioned and they are involved in nex year 2010 curriculum i.e July 2010 session.
    This was also informed by Chitnis office. But they will not print it.
    Bhasker presented news 4 days after this news.You should have kept that with this.