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Saturday, October 31, 2009

comaprison of delhi ahmedabad and Indore brts

well title is bit misnomer as this article compares only the first two.
Despite being first to get conceived it would be at least one-two more years before Indore BRTS sees light of the day.

People blissfully have no view on it. Whether it will hep traffic or not. A classic case of top down planning but also perils of decentralization.Local municipality and IDA are too corrupt and too inefficient to understand magnitude of problems in this kind of project and execute them without fear and favor.


  1. Indore municipal booked 450 crore rupees in 45 installments for making Indore rods of BRTS level.
    100 crore has been used for :-

    1) greater kaiash patrakar feeder road

    2) Sapna Sangeeta Road

    3) Geeta bhavan to Vallabh bhai marg

    4) Ring Road

    5) Feeders to Bypass
    4 Other

    Rest 350 crore is yet present with IDA and Central Government.
    They are not using it because :-

    NH-59 and NH 59(A)are under 6 lane process and crosses Indore from almost from its heart.

    NH -3 is also dug deep for main pipelines and 6 lane work.

    No one can take 1 paisa from any government account.Always remember " money comes in account and not in cash" and "Fund is released in installments and only when you give the bill ".

    Apply RTI and I will help you to most.

  2. M.P government is doing best to improve the M.P infrastructure....Thanks a lot for sharing