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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Malwa Utsav

I could not stop myself from writing this post as I was witness to this naked propaganda event in its worst form.

time was 6-6 30 pm and an open truck (normally used for marketing ,that also after permission from authorities) was stopping at various places starting from Gandhi Hall to shastri bridge to all the way on MG road greatly inconveniencing normal public, holding traffic, and not to mention noise pollution. some pertinent points :

1.Does Indore need a so called 'Utsav' at this point of time? City is looking at another year of drought and prices are sky rocketing. Are people in a mood to celebrate?

2. Even if IMC i.e. Indore Municipal Corporation gives a logic that we need occasions to forget our worries , just now Navratri has ended , Dussehra is over just yet and Diwali is around the corner. Who cares for this so called Malwa utsav?

3. IMC does not have moeny for dengue control but is spending lakhs on this? How can elected representatives of people allow such kind of expenses in budget?

4. All said and done , if festival is to be organized why this show on road? Who gives permission for this? How can you allow someone hold full city at ransom? Traffic was held like anything. Kind of money wasted in fuel, sound pollution and time wasted can not be compensated by this so called 'jansevaks' ?

5.Many VIP vehicles were honking their horns and passed through the road without botheirng to find out what is hapening. they anywyas had their red lights and first right of passage.

6. While returning I could see traffic jawans busy in stopping two Wheeler and making challans (and pocketing money) near Mahatma Gandhi statue, surprisingly none of them could be seen controlling traffic minutes before

7. If people tried to take alternative routes, all road sign and boards were covere with smiling pictures of BJP and congress leaders (mainly Kailashji and Kripashankar shukla) greeting people for Diwali and Dussehra with their innumerable minions. Such brazen encroachment of public property in heart of indore.

In fact office of SP is on the same square in front of this statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

So in front of Gandhi, SP and top leaders someone can hold city traffic because municipal elections are near and he wants to make publicity statement with the money of IMC

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