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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Indore zoo : to hide incomeptence use of religion

Many animals have died in Indore zoo recently. Obviously if everyone in IMC is busy in making money in construction boom who cares for animals.

I wrote before as how white tiger cubs were made playthings for BJP leader krishnamurari moghe's family.

those three unfortunate cubs are dead now.

and instead of trying to find reason of infection or disease in animals, our Mayor and zoo in charge Anil bindal have come up with solution of holding a yagya in zoo premises.

I don't know whether such things are even permitted by animal welfare laws!!

seriously as they say in northern England queer as folk


  1. This is typical of Indore's politicians and PEOPLE...All people are always busy in this type of Nautaki irrespective of cast, religion or political party..They should make efforts to make Indore a better place to live rather than these dramas..

  2. Well, you are right. The indore zoo website that was launched recently is also closed.
    Indore360 and Indus World School are working on coming up with a plan to make the Indore zoo safer, more approachable, and accesible to indore citizens. We are also planning on relaunching the zoo website so people can have their say in zoo's welfare.
    Here is a recent article we posted to popularize Indore zoo: Indore Zoo: Kamala Nehru Animal Park